Straightening a bent steel frame

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  • A lovely person has kicked my steel dad child carrier.

    It's bent the rear triangle on one side.

    I'll post some pictures shortly,, interested in opinions on how successfully and safely I can straighten it.

  • It can be done with a frame alignment tool. Your LBS should have one.­p/frame-alignment

  • It's taken a big kick

  • .

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  • (unhelpfully) use the person who kicked it’s leg to bend it back. What a shit thing to do also.

  • Not the Vitamin! :(

  • I know! Was in daily use as a shopper, kid carrier and train station bike. Gutted, it was locked in the most unobtrusive place on a private estate. Going to attempt an amateur straighten.

  • Here's my cold setting technique/setup.

    Headtube on the floor (padding underneath), long wooden plank on top of seat tube and under the rear dropout to spread, flip it to on top of the dropouts and under the seat tube to squeeze the rear end in, balance the end of the plank up on something. Push down on the seattube area to apply force to the rear end.

    I always do it with a seat post inserted into the seattube to at least the point where the plank is resting.

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  • Thanks @mv , this was the technique I was going to use. Just not sure if it's too far gone (as in, I know I can probs get it straightish again but is it likely to snap/ crack at some point because of the stress)

  • Cool cool. I reckon you’ll probably be alright. Steel is pretty elastic.

    Like, it’ll maybe be compromised slightly but it doesn’t look like a lightweight racing machine so probably plenty of ability to take some abuse.

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Straightening a bent steel frame

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