Experience with Laka

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  • Hope this is the right place for a post like this.

    Thought it might be worth passing on an experience I had with Laka recently in case people are thinking of using the insurance for their bikes or already have it.

    My Garmin completely died three days before a bikepacking trip to France, within the Garmin's two-year warranty. Garmin at first refused to take a look at it, and besides, there's no way they'd have been able to get the GPS back to me within three days, so I got in touch with Laka to see if there was any way they could help.

    They advised that I could submit a claim if I wanted but as the device was within it's warranty that it probably wouldn't be successful - this was fair enough, my issue was more about the timing, than being able to replace it through Garmin at some point in the future.

    Eventually, Garmin accepted that there was a fault with the device, but as I would be without a GPS for my holiday Laka incredibly kindly offered to lend me a Garmin Edge 830 for the duration of my trip, just asking that I add it to my policy for a couple of weeks in order to cover the unit should anything happen to it. It made a massive difference and it wasn't something I was entitled to as part of the policy.

    I can't really recommend them enough, they're incredibly communicative and more importantly, pretty kind to go to this sort of length when they don't have an obligation to.

    There's a referral process, - if you use this code you'll get £25 credit toward your policy - this will generally take care of 3-4 months worth of your insurance in my experience.

    For the sake of full disclosure, I'd get £25 credit too, but my link or not, I'd really recommend using them to insure all of your stuff.

    If me slipping in my referral code is a turn off, see if a friend is using laka and use their code instead.


  • @cake likes them too.

  • Yep. Nothing but good things to say.

    Rough year on the bike for me but they've made it bearable.

    Currently got their recovery package after a crash has left me pretty homebound.

    Home training ain't for me but no choice at the mo and the loan of this has sweetened it.

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  • Referral Code here:


  • Thanks man, just signed up with your code

  • nice Giant

  • Have actually had a subsequent issue that they have also been excellent in sorting, would continue to recommend to others

  • Referral Code here:


    25£ off for you and me :D

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Experience with Laka

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