Scott 26” mtb Dropbar do it all, adventure bike

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  • Never done a project thread so thought ill better make a start,
    Been looking through facebook market place the other day and came across a sorry looking 80s/ early 90s Scott mtb no idea what model it is but it was up for £20 so i snapped it up.

    The frame is in good condition no rust or dents of any kind, the rest is shot even had to hacksaw the chain off as it sized solid!.
    My plan for the bike is to build a 26” dropbar do it all bike, its going to be my winter build so enjoy :)

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  • Hell yeah brother! Give it some beefy ass tyres and it's gonna be awesome!

  • Awww yiss. Subbed!

  • Love a build like this, these are good/would suit if you’re going for guards.

  • Some T-Cut on the frame...following with interest!

  • Nice find!

  • Thanks guys, dunno if I can multi reply
    But yeah wanna get some nice beefy tyres thinking Reneherse rat trap 2.3 if I have enough clearance for them and guards.

    Hp93 - thanks for the link they are the guards I'm looking for!

    Managed to get all the dust/ dried in dirt off the bike i gave it a quick t-cut and a polish and it’s come up lovely. I’m looking into which wheels to source for this any recommendations ?
    Groupset wise I'm thinking 3x8 deore of some kind But it’s still early days

  • Can I recommend conti speedkings? Roll incredibly well

  • If you fancy a more retro groupset to go with the frame, I've got a 90's STX one up for grabs here . Stick on some bar end shifters and this will be all sorts of rad.

  • Not much to update really, changed the stem back over to the original stem as it was to much of a drop with the road stem. I’ve swapped out the wheels from my other build temporary until I can find something for the Scott. Same goes for the turbo saddle And lastly brought some 8 and 9 speed bar end shifters as I’m undecided if I wanna go 8 or 9 speed.

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  • Absolute stunner!

  • I hope the inside of the headset isn't as bad as the outside. All looks good though

  • Ohh the headset is shot just waiting for a new one to arrive

  • Nice project. What tyres did you go gor?

  • Thanks buddy, currently got city jets fitted as they are on my spare wheelset for the moment.

    Just brought another Scott mtb this time it’s a Windriver with full Deore LX groupset, it came up ridiculously cheap so brought it just to have the groupset. Just brought it home and it rode lovely so now I’m unsure what to do!!

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  • Windriver is a great bike. I have 2 of them, a 1991 and a 1993 version. Use one as a retro mod tourer bike.

  • Yeah its a lovely bike, I decided to go back to my original idea which was use the group set off the windriver and fit a 10x1 from my parts bin chuck a front rack on and use it as a pub bike.

    So back to the other Scott, I’ve installed the Deore lx drive train from the windriver, just need to buy some cables and chain now and get it all dialled up, headset wise I’m watching an Deore lx on the bay at the moment so probably end up buying that. But its slowing getting there.

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  • Looks good, but can I make a couple of pointers please?
    The front mech is top pull, however the frame cable routing looks to be bottom pull.
    What shifters are they? There are some oddities with 9 speed shimano bar end shifters. If they are SL-BS64-8s you should be good, these are directly compatible with your lx mech.
    I hope you get it sorted and finished, it's going to look great.

  • Oh blimey! I didn’t even think about the front mech thanks for pointing that out, yeah the frame routing is for bottom pull. I’ve got a bottom pull deore mech in my shed so I’ll dig that out at the weekend.
    Regards to the bar endshifters I’ve got 8speed shimano shifters unsure on model but will double check to confirm.
    Thanks man appreciate it, hoping to complete this over the Christmas break.

  • ‘Windriver’ sounds like a .dll that stops working just when you really need your HP all-in-one printer/copier/scanner to print out something for a deadline.

    Anybody in from Reading tonight?

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Scott 26” mtb Dropbar do it all, adventure bike

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