Chain Waxing

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  • Oh, I realize that I really should wipe it down. But coming home to a wife and two children after a day's work is not always the ideal circumstance for proper bike maintenance.

  • Yes, that's 3 people that should be cleaning your bike while you relax somewhere.

  • Agreed - the three-week-old is not much help at the moment and the two-year-old is too busy pinching my tools to help out.

  • Small hands are good for getting into hubs and cassettes for deeper cleans. ;)

  • Well, you say that's why you keep midgets in your dungeon, but the state of your bikes suggests they're not actually being used for that.

  • I think fine. I’ve had a bit of surface rust every now and then and
    I’ve ignored it if I can rub it off. I haven’t got to the point of a
    stiff link, though.

    I think the 2 or 3 stiff links were OK, stiff due to crud and light surface rust on the plates rather than the rollers. I used boiling water to melt off the old stuff before re-waxing and the chain has been fine. I think my error was to thoroughly wash the bike and then leave the chain on and untouched for a couple of days - even if the rain hadn’t affected the wax too badly, the washing certainly did.

    Any recommendations for a decent chain checker? I think mine has been kicking around in the tool box for too long to be trusted.

  • I've got a cheap Park, a flash Park and a Pedros.

    They all say my chains are fucked all the time so I stopped using them :D

  • I quite like the Pedro's chain checker - so much that I bought a second one when I accidentally threw out my first on.

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Chain Waxing

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