Chain Waxing

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  • Nah the whole point with that is there is no chain, obviously. So you just want to dip the special powder in the UFO drip stuff for a completely frictionless trip to wherever your mind takes you.

  • I’ve found a bit of an issue with waxed chains for fixed :-/

    You effectively get a lot of chain with initial use of a freshly waxed chain. I’ve had to stop during a ride and tweek … to take up the slack and keep it safe.

  • Also.

    Don’t wax your track/ss chain quick links.

    ( or even better … don’t use quick links )

  • I've always waxed them. It takes seconds to run a fingernail around the groove to allow them to bite properly.

    As for fixed, throw the chain on roughly, spin cranks for a bit to knock off the excess wax and then do the tension properly.

  • don’t use quick links


  • This is the type of link I had an issue with:


  • As for fixed, throw the chain on roughly, spin cranks for a bit to knock off the excess wax and then do the tension properly.

    I do this. Maybe I don’t do it enough. I still find the chain stretches a lot. I guess that’s wax on the interfacing parts wearing/compressing or something.

  • What kind of KMage are ppl getting out of waxed chains?

    I’m approaching 10k on my Squirted chain and the .75 checker is perhaps a month away from dropping in.

  • It’s complicated.

    I’ve done just over 6500 km on waxed chains so far … but that’s spread over four bikes (and the fixed has 3 chains). Literally zero measurable wear on any yet, but that doesn’t mean much.

    So yeah … too early to say.

  • 10k really?! Is that 11 speed?

  • Yes, 11 speed Shimano chain. 9,666 km on it.

    I’ll change it at .75 and update on the distance.

  • Anyone had a bottle of UFO Drip kinda go off? Mine appears like the thinner has evaporated so it doesn't pour without clogging the nozzle.

  • I am having a different problem with my quick link, it's almost seized, brand new chain and link and first application of squirt wax lube.

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  • Obvious question but … did you strip and immersion wax the chain? It’s normal for all links to be stiff after that … until expertly wiggled.

  • New one for me tbh. Have you tried loosening the stiff link at all? If it were a normal link, I’d grab some needle nose pliers, open the jaws, wedge it between the outer plates on the stiff ljnk, and very very gently twist the plier the smallest amount to loosen the link.

    -No offence if you already thr technique, just outlining in case it’s useful to someone.

  • IMO it shouldn’t do that even if the chain is dry, so doubt it’s Squirt causing that. You sure the link is set correctly, not worn/bent/the wrong way around?

  • I stripped the factory grease with a few cycles of Surfex hd, then dried on a paper towel in the oven, laid the chain flat and applied the Squirt lube onto the chain links. The link was not on the chain at the time, I only put a few drops on it after mounting the chain. Maybe it the wax didn't get between the plates. This is on a new bike, usually I would apply it on the bike and spin it around a few times.
    I have now wiggled it around a bit more and put new Squirt on the whole chain, seems a bit better, if its still stiff tomorrow I switch to KMC.

  • It's all brand new but the first time I used the Connex one instead of KMC so maybe I installed it wrong.

  • I’d also add that you need to use quite a lot of squirt on first application. Maybe 2 or three full goes for it to penetrate.

  • Yes, I did 2 layers but off the bike so it probably didn't penetrate properly.

  • Get it in a pot of liquid paraffin wax.

  • The link is upside down too, but not sure that’s the problem.

    Connex links are the best (once on properly and lubed).

  • That's all the hassle I tried to avoid by using Squirt.

  • I mean it might be better than Wend (which is useless) but I don’t see how a cold thick wax can get to the rollers when just dripped/wiped on.

    I thought ppl just used squirt as a top up whilst on a tour.

  • I used previously on another chain and it was great, just with a different link. It's pretty watery out of the bottle.

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Chain Waxing

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