Chain Waxing

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  • Is there anything in Squirt that would make it better than plain wax? Half of Squirt would surely be applicator of some sort to thin it out so you can squirt it on and have it evaporate leaving only wax.

  • It's just water.

  • Do they have any additives in the wax that's left that would make it better than bog standard paraffin? I mean, you can DIY the additives anyway but I only care about cleanliness, not performance so I use paraffin only to keep it clean.

  • Empty bigger Squirt bottle into tupperware. Drop a clean, dry chain in and leave over night. Remove, wipe off excess wax. Dry. Ride.

    I’m not sure what I’m gaining over hot wax, but I felt like trying it.

  • I've found Squirt tends to gunk up and congeal all over my jockey wheels and chainrings, and is a fucking pain in the arse to clean off. DIY paraffin wax mix seems to stay on the chain and is way easier to clean off with boiling water.

  • Also when you apply paraffin, it's easy enough to scrape off the excess before it goes near the bike so your cassette and jockeys stay pretty wax free.

  • I found the same with Squirt. It was nice and quiet, but the fucking gunk was misery.

  • I haven't, but I do two proper applications (both left overnight to dry) before the first ride. It's worked pretty well so far and I haven't had too much issues with gunk either (I wipe off the excess, maybe it helps?).

  • I believe for road application, Squirt recommend you wipe off excess before riding.

  • User error on our part then @TooTallTim

  • Nah, I did that, didn't make a difference

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Chain Waxing

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