Chain Waxing

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  • Mine probably cools faster as I use a beauty therapy wax pot heater. Once done I take the pot out of the heater. I’ve never stuck a thermostat in the wax, I just try to leave it as long as I can until I think it’s time to remove.

  • Removing the pot would help a bit, yeah. The heater on mine is only ally but letting the ceramic pot breath a bit more would cool it quicker. Might give that a go next time. You ever added paraffin oil to your mix?

  • Not yet.

  • I redid the turbo chain to today, taking the pot out of the cooker and letting it cool down to the point where the top of the wax had lightly set. I drew out lots of wax, almost nothing dripped off the chain. Took quite a lot of poking wax out of links (I could've just thrown it on the bike but that'd be a bit messy). Seems ok. Pretty quiet.

  • Are you using rice cooker or slow cookers?

    What wax are you using, anything special? I just got a some food sealing wax as it came in a in a kilo block for a €4 (yes euro, from a french hyper market)

  • Bro do u even read this thread? It has more mundane details in it about this process than any other thread ever. :P

    Crockpot aka slow cooker. £15 from Robert Dyas.
    Paraffin wax block, 1kg, £8 from Hobbycraft

    I've got no wucking fidea what food sealing wax is. But given paraffin is so cheap I don't see the point in experimenting with other stuff unless you have an old chain to do so on (I did but they all got recycled).

  • D U no me ;)

    Was asking as I have a slow cooker with a ceramic pot, and @sam mentioned beauty wax pot heater. Don't know how that differs from a slow/rice cooker.

    The paraffin wax is paraffin wax, or so I thought was wondering if others used something else. Was was wondering if someone added graphite powder too. Thats all.

    Sorry somethings stick in my memory others just disappear like little pretty little butterflies. More like annoying moths.

  • They all get the wax over say 50C so they will all work. Basically comes down to size, cost and maybe speed of heating. I wanted cheap and small.

    There's two types of paraffin in Hobbycraft - beads and a block. The beads say something about some kind of candle making type which meant I couldn't rule out that it had additives. So went for the block of paraffin.

    I've not tried additives yet.

  • Why is it black?

  • Grit settles at the bottom

  • And the edges? That's a fuckton of grit.

  • No, it's only a thin layer on the bottom. Edges presumably because the pot curves up.

  • Ah right, the rest is just grey-ish.

  • Melting, cooling, scraping, repeating is my new favourite activity.

  • Are you sure a lot of that isn't MoS2?

  • Given that I haven't added any MoS2, I'm 100% sure it is GrittyMcFuckLondonWeatherGritDeathToChai­ns2.

  • Must have been a slow weekend

    Damn it, now I want a digital chain checker!

  • He can spend that much time making videos because he's only riding 73k / week.

  • Has anyone cleaned a disc rotor in an ultrasonic cleaner? Granted it would need to be in a different solution to degreaser

  • I saw someone mentioned Surfex HD. Love this stuff! been using it for a couple years now (after a friend who's into detailing recommended it). Diluted (alot) makes excellent bike wash, neat very effective chain and parts degreaser. Also great on various car things and also to clean random things around the house (at various dilutions).

    Plus you get tons of it for ~£20.

  • No, but I could...

  • I've got a bottle of it at home ready to try.

  • Wiggle have 500ML bottles of Squirt for £23-26 depending on your level of discount which brings it down to the price of Muc-Off at 5p/ ML or so

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Chain Waxing

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