Chain Waxing

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  • I'm tired of getting black chain lube marks everywhere so wanted to give chain waxing a go. I don't have a garage so this will be a messy kitchen job.

    What budget decent ultrasonic cleaner is suitable?­onic-Adjustable-Function/dp/B0744HV7X2 ?

    What crockpot/rice cooker is suitable?

    MSW says "Slow cooker (a.k.a. crock pot, 1.5 to 2 qt. best size for individual use, choose round instead of oval shape, bottom should have diameter no smaller than 4 1/4”)" so around 1.8-2.2L size but I've seen smaller, 1.5L units - could they work? Smaller kit footprint is better.

    GCN use paraffin wax - how does this compare with Molten Speed Wax?


  • this is what you want - best lube imo­r-products/

  • Voluntary echo.

  • I've already got UFO Drip which IS the best liquid lube but I'm talking about proper waxing.

  • All the wax lubes still require a super clean chain before using them so there's still work to be done cleaning. Ultrasonic or just repeated degreaser dunkings?

  • I've not had the revelatory experience that people talk of with Squirt. Good lube, but the chain does still collect black muck, it's just easier to clean off.

  • If you're near Walthamstow you can borrow my ultrasonic cleaner.

    /an ultrasonic cleaner will definitely melt the wax

  • Thanks but I'm wayoutwest.

  • Have you tried full on waxing?

  • Nope, too much faff for me. I imagine my cross chaining on 1x11 while HCing will cost a lot more watts than lube choice.

  • Just use paraffin

  • (For cleaning)

  • Also I've got the 3l, it's pretty small if you want to do a 11-46 cassette it wont fit.

  • Both of those were measured by Friction Facts so you can find out how much cross-chaining and how much lube choice is impacting watts.

    "Muc-Off now sells its Nano Chain to the consumer, which it claims can save up to 6 watts in drivetrain efficiency over a standard chain, for upwards of £122.

    Meanwhile Danish company CeramicSpeed’s data says 2-5 watts — around 15 seconds over 40km — for its UFO chain, which costs £113."

    For me it's not about watts, I already have a Ceramic Speed chain. It's more about increasing component life and keeping the flat cleaner.

  • What brand cleaner? I run an 11-42. Will that fit?

  • If you had an ultrasonic cleaner, that could also heat up, could you get it hot enough to do the cleaning and the wax application?

  • Buy a house with a garage.

  • I'm working on that. Hola!

  • @Lukas is a chain waxing wizard, he might be along to offer some advice

  • You mean soaking chain in molten wax? I did that once...made an absolute fucking mess and it didn’t last...admittedly I did use candle wax if I recall...also chain has to be absolutely spotless otherwise you just get shitty gritty wax

  • Sorry was the 2l version! I think it gets up to about 80° so will probably be hot enough to melt the wax.

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  • You know Muc Off do a Teflon wax in spray?

  • Based on above chart should I be putting vaseline on my chain?

  • You really only need to clean the chain thoroughly once - forget the ultra sonic cleaner, just take a couple chains to your LBS and ask to use their parts cleaner (helps if you bring them beer).

    Much more economical and efficient to wax multiple chains at once - I do three at a time and rotate every 400/500km.

    Assuming you wipe down your chain occasionally with a rag, the waxing process is also the cleaning process. Hot wax infiltrates everywhere and cleans out the grit - just put a bit of mesh at the bottom of your crock pot to keep the grit away from the clean wax.

    MSW is the go. You can use paraffin wax and add Teflon and PTFE powder but is it really worth all the effort when a company already makes a ready made bag for you?

    Once you wax you never go back. Blah blah it's more efficient - I love it because it stays clean, reduces wear on components and doesn't wash off in the rain.

  • You’re overthinking this. Degrease with Muc Off > Squirt frequently at first (every few hours of riding) then as usual. Sparkling clean chain in perpetuity...

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Chain Waxing

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