FS: Clearout- Final Round.(Eyebrows) [Closed]

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  • Hi all, Eyebrows here.

    I'm going to be hosting a garage sale of sorts over the coming week + weekend.
    There is an awful lot of stuff to sell, and prices are going to be fixed, with some pretty ridiculous deals on bikes, components, a classic Mini, a cheap Surfboard, and a variety of rapha stuff.
    I'm pretty sure Bike wise it will include:
    A custom frame.
    A fully custom Lo-pro
    A Cinelli Mash in forum colors
    A Powermeter or two
    A bunch of groupsets and wheels.
    There will be free- things given with each purchase and available anyways.
    I have to downsize out of the garage, and a few other things have come up requiring my attention- away from bikes and hoarding.
    The Mini will be at £7k.
    I'll be inventorying everything tomorrow, and will list a rough list on here with some useful photos.
    It will be near Barnes station.

    I will reply to PMs, after things are inventoried.

    **NO DIBS. Very likely to be PayPal only sales- for transparency. **

    20% to Charity (Shelter).
    15% to the forum.

    See you all at at least 1 forum drinks next week/ week after.

    Thanks for being an awesome bunch throughout the years.
    I owe this place a tonne.

  • 😮

  • dibs secret hidden away geekhouse frame / bike :)

  • excite

  • cant wait to see

  • That one won't be up for sale- its not rideable and has too much sentimental value.
    The repaired self-built Classic MTB is - and will be cheap (£150)
    As will the Tonic Monster, which will come complete + extra front wheel- pretty much the dream winter bike. (£1500)
    And a Schindelhauer Gustav (£750)
    And the amazing Autumn I bought from @privatepatterson. (£750)
    And the death-trap Moulton. (£100)

    Skateboards of all cruising varieties, including a couple of electric ones.

  • Interested in surf board. Any more information,?

  • Would love to hear more on the Moulton, esp if it's a folding one.

  • Is this this weekend (28/9th) or the following weekend?

  • Next weekend

  • Interested in tonic pics

  • Cool! I will make sure to pop over :)

  • Full inventory should be up tomorrow/ Friday.

    Day 1: Saturday 11-1700
    Day 2: Sunday TBC
    There will be no postage.

  • Sounds great. Also interested in the surf board pending length/details and a skateboard if you have something regular that i can try and street skate on?

    Interested in pretty much all the bike bits but i'm also trying to de-clutter!

  • damn brows I wish I was taller :(

  • nice, will try and show up

  • Is there a list?

  • Work has gotten in the way, massively. Hoping/aiming to get to the inventorying by Wednesday.

  • Ignore. Didnt see your replay

  • I’ve got a ride tomorrow and I’ve just killed my rear wheel bearings. Have you got any 11 speed rim brake wheels I might be able to buy short notice?

  • I’ve got a mate who is after a Powermeter - any info on what you have?

  • .

  • I’d like to take the BigXTop Rando bag and the Rival Hydro groupset please.

  • No Dibs.
    The dates are as above.
    Some more will be added depending on my work schedule.
    Saturday is likely to be from 11am onwards now.
    Paypal only.


FS: Clearout- Final Round.(Eyebrows) [Closed]

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