The Low End Theory. Sacredharts slow builds.

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  • Got a few slow very beater builds going on the garage. Got no money or time for bikes at the mo so nothing fancy. All will be mongrels. None of them will be easy on the eye. But they will all do a job, hopefully fairly well. I'm going to try and stay fixed or single speed for now.

    Genesis Day One
    Kona Kilauea '92 SS
    Dawes Wildcat kid carrier
    Dawes Kingpin fixed gear drop bar project
    Mrs Sacreds Giant mtb
    Dawes Galaxy fixed gear
    Kona Ute cargo

  • First my old Kona Kiluaea. Purchased new in 92 it's lived several lives. I think this was the first year they made the kiluaea. Plan is to get it back off-road and SS.

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  • Second up is a very ratty Dawes Kingpin. This will be my station bike / shop bike. Hopefully fixed and drop bar if I can get the setup right.

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  • Third up is a Dawes Wildcat. Reynolds 500. This is a replacement for my much loved BTwin Vitamin (RIP) This will be upgraded with bits I have spare. Single speed with a super easy gearing as I'm never in a rush with the kid in tow.

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  • I have some bontrager Jones ACX 26 x 2.1 tyres you can haz for free if they could work..

  • Sweet cheers. My neighbour might have some otherwise I will defo give you a shout. Much appreciated!

  • I may be able to help with the stem. Short and steep. Possibly grips too.

    Will rummage and report back.

  • Subbed. I've got a Nitto 0° stem you could have for beers. Might not suit the build but it's there if you want.

  • Ok cheers, I need some rise to make the setup less aggressive.

  • Stem is 22.2mm

  • Gonna go for a magic gear or a chain tensioner? SS Konas are always bloody rad though, good choice. :)

  • Chain tensioner.

  • Following this - I so regret selling my '97 (I think) Lava Dome. It wasn't mine from new but it was super cool and WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?

  • I regret every bike I sell!

  • Edited original posts.

  • had a thought on the dawes kingpin.
    Rear spacing is 115mm

    Previously I’ve re spaced these to a modern hub but I could run a front 20” disc on the rear and add some washers to space it out. Not sure if the chain line would work though? I was planning to run an alfine gxp crank up front.

  • 1st set up on the Dawes kid carrier.

    Next jobs
    Source and fit Brooks b17
    Source a longer seat post as it's on max extension
    Cockpit upgrade. Got some one one Mary's on route. I'd like a nitto techwhatever hi rise stem
    Level up front rack

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  • Kona:
    I was going to swap out the fork on the Kona and go disc but had a last minute change of heart and kept the original fork. These P2 were triple butted.
    Kona Impact headset has been serviced and a steeper 90s Kona stem (not sure why mine had a silver velocity stem on it when they can shipped with black stems back in the day) and of Kona risers have been sourced.

    Kingpin :
    Swapped out the headset for a thread less one but the fit is crap so I'm going to have to fix it in place/ shim or somesuch. I've started to file away the mounts for the chain guard.

  • Kiluaea is done! Town bomber. Got some og late 90s Kona stem and bars, red dx levers, big apples, surly simulator, og DX platform pedals, non period correct Zee cranks. Halo clickster. mismatched surly ss / Shimano DX wheels. Swapped the qr out for allens for nipping in the shops. Rides really nicely. 36x18. Glad I kept the original fork now. I've ridden this bike on and off for nearly 30yrs!

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  • Both the Kona and Dawes are looking great. Really fancy a single speed mountain bike now!

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The Low End Theory. Sacredharts slow builds.

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