The Low End Theory. Sacredharts slow builds.

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  • Got a few slow very beater builds going on the garage. All will be mongrels. None of them will be easy on the eye. But they will all do a job, hopefully fairly well. I'm going to try and stay fixed or single speed for now.

  • First my old Kona Kiluaea. Purchased new in 96(?) It's lived several lives. Plan is to get it back off-road. Got a thread less P2 fork on the way to get a more upright riding position. Front disc. Not sure about the rest yet.

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  • Second up is a very ratty Dawes Kingpin. This will be my station bike. Eventually I'd like it to be fixed but I may try and revive the sturmey three speed in the interim.

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  • Third up is a Dawes Wildcat I just picked up locally. Reynolds 500. This is a replacement for my much loved BTwin Vitamin kid carrier. This will be upgraded with bits I have spare. Single speed with a super easy gearing as I'm never in a rush with the kid in tow.

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  • I have some bontrager Jones ACX 26 x 2.1 tyres you can haz for free if they could work..

  • Sweet cheers. My neighbour might have some otherwise I will defo give you a shout. Much appreciated!

  • I may be able to help with the stem. Short and steep. Possibly grips too.

    Will rummage and report back.

  • Subbed. I've got a Nitto 0° stem you could have for beers. Might not suit the build but it's there if you want.

  • Ok cheers, I need some rise to make the setup less aggressive.

  • Stem is 22.2mm

  • Gonna go for a magic gear or a chain tensioner? SS Konas are always bloody rad though, good choice. :)

  • Chain tensioner.

  • Following this - I so regret selling my '97 (I think) Lava Dome. It wasn't mine from new but it was super cool and WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?

  • I regret every bike I sell!

  • Edited original posts.

  • had a thought on the dawes kingpin.
    Rear spacing is 115mm

    Previously I’ve re spaced these to a modern hub but I could run a front 20” disc on the rear and add some washers to space it out. Not sure if the chain line would work though? I was planning to run an alfine gxp crank up front.

  • 1st set up on the Dawes kid carrier.

    Next jobs
    Source and fit Brooks b17
    Source a longer seat post as it's on max extension
    Cockpit upgrade. Got some one one Mary's on route. I'd like a nitto techwhatever hi rise stem
    New headset as the current one feels crap
    Level up front rack

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The Low End Theory. Sacredharts slow builds.

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