Moser Leader AX rat

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  • So just when I had admitted to myself that for the majority of my riding what I really needed was something with more stack, mudguard and larger tyre clearance, this pops up ! It's been on my wish list for a long time, so against my better judgement and spurred on by @jambon 's excellent build , this frame turned up on my doorstep last week

    The bad:
    The paint is in pretty bad shape, dull and faded in some areas, chips everywhere , some larger areas of paint missing on the top tube revealing the chrome underneath . The chrome on the fork and rear end is speckled and corroded

    The seat tube hasnt been slotted but there is a small bit of metal missing at the back. Not sure if this was intended to make a regular seat clamp work, looks more like a small crack has been drilled/filed out. I dont have a quill seatpost so not sure how I will tackle this yet...

    I was able to remove the supplied headcups by hand! I'm hoping it's an undersized JIS headset and not an ovalised headtube. Need to check with calipers.

    The good:
    It's the right size! No obvious internal rust. Still looks amazing (to my eyes)!

    First step will be to clean the frame up as best as possible and check the headset issue

    Still undecided on how to build it up. Probably not going to go full period correct this time, possibly all black, I liked how my previous hot pink Diamond back turned out. I do also have most of a DA 7700 group so that's a possibility for something more period sympathetic. Or maybe something quite ratty . Given the paint condition I like the idea of something I'm not afraid to ride year round and lock up around town.

    Will probably build it up quickly with parts bin components to see how it rides before deciding.

    Sellers photos below, will add some more ..

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  • This could be my old frame, which I freecycled to @Tenderloin years ago when he was a penniless student.

    If it is, the head tube was ovalised I’m afraid.

  • hmm, don't suppose you still have the frame number ? I assume an Italian frame from thia era should be an ISO headset, not JIS?

  • I don’t I’m afraid. Here’s a link to a couple of photos I had;

  • Daaaamn, dibs

  • Lovely frame and best livery in my opinion. Hope the head tube works out 🤞

  • Haha I'll hold you to that @phildas !

    Thanks @jambon, thankfully just managed to fit an iso headset with no issues. I think the seller had provided some kind of Frankenstein headset with JIS cups, but the new one is fine and headtube isnt ovalised.

    Unfortunately in fitting the fork found another issue - I was testing tyre clearance and noticed the wheel sitting off centre in relation to the brake hole. Have tried multiple wheels and same issue so it's not the wheel dishing. Will have to take it to Argos to get it checked over. Hoping I haven't bought a lemon ! :(

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  • Love a Leader. Fingers crossed you can bend the forks and get the wheel centered.

  • Cheers, have now had the forks checked by Argos, they've re-tracked them so the wheel is now central. That's two issues fixed !

    I love visiting Argos, always helpful and down to earth, some amazing work going on in there. Also a 20 year old poster above the workshop door for 'New' Dura Ace 7700! :)

  • Subbed, love these frames. Please keep it ratty!

  • Subbed. I have one in my shed... It's much worse than this so I'm keen to see what you do with such a lovely specimen...

  • Dibs all the rat mosers

  • Be careful what you wish for.
    I'll pm you with photos.
    You have welding gear don't you....

  • Eagerly awaiting it.
    I’ve got a torch and brass/silver yes

  • Some more progress . After half an hour with some Meguiars and Turtle wax the (remaining) paint is looking a lot better

    Also managed to find a seatpost clamp that works thanks to @Lechef. Essentially a clamp from a slightly thicker seat tube frame actually clamps against the seatpost rather than / slightly in addition to the frame. Seems secure so far, not sure I'd try it on a carbon post.

    Also have a couple of stem options, managed to find a pantographed 3t on ebay. Weighing this up against a stiffer ITM eclyspe I have from a previous build..

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  • Seatclamp...

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  • I’ve got a torch and brass/silver yes

    I read somewhere these frames were silver soldered, would be interesting to see if that's true under the chrome. Also rumour has it the frames were made by Vetta, not Moser, but know that gets quite murky.

    @zootsuit I vote for the 3t stem, having said that I had one in 130(?) which had noticeable flex compared to the oversized frame tubes

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Moser Leader AX rat

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