First MTB hardtail

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  • Living next to Epping, I am looking to get my first mtb/hardtail to take advantage of the mud. Budget is 1,500k max. What would be my best choice?

    Lots of reviews online but no real winners.

  • Get that marin thats for sale on forum

  • Go to Heales cycles they will sort you out.

  • Then come to these rides :-)

  • No need to spend anything like that much.
    Don’t ever buy a used MTB complete. Everything will be worn.
    Pinnacle Iroko range is all excellent. Get one and ride a lot.

  • Do they sell the Calibre Bossnut then ;-)

  • Funny enough I was looking at the marin mtb. Seem to be decent value for money. But don’t think I want to go second hand route to be honest.

    @Howard heales cycles is just around the corner from me, I should have thought of them before.

  • Last time I checked they weren’t a Go Outdoors outlet but I guess you could get a Hope HB130...

  • Hope HB130

    Perfect Epping bike

  • What are you looking to achieve on this new bike?

    Fast off road miles, with little to no airborne action?
    XC 29er

    Getting miles in but with a fair amount of larking about and with wheels sometimes leaving the ground?

    27.5 hardtail with 130-140mm travel

  • I was looking at that one too, saw that it’s a good value for money

  • Most likely the second I think, this what i used to like my mtb for 20years ago!

  • I was mostly joking with Howard, as 'Calibre Bossnut' tends to be his default answer. Your choice of a hardtail will probably be better for the Epping winter bogs, unless you're keen on maintenance

    There's a lot of good stuff about now, so unless you know exactly what you're after, Heales will be a good place to start :-)

  • Get that marin thats for sale on forum

    Is actually quite nice, that­06/

  • This thread seems appropriate for some late-2020 themed questions.
    Can anyone share knowledge on availability of new hardtails this Autumn? For my part, interested if/when a large framed Iroko, Roscoe-7 type might appear. I'd wondered about a Sonder Frontier: they expect more stock mid-October. Or has anyone actually seen a decent mtb languishing unloved in the corner of their LBS? Any sightings appreciated.

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First MTB hardtail

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