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  • Ta ta bye, cunt-fill-a

    "Fellowship of Christian Athletes" get ta fuck

  • Big drop got well reviewed in a to b magazine

  • Without wanting to spoil everyone's party, I consider it unlikely that they'll withdraw from the UK. While I'm not an expert on the restaurant fast food shitflinger business, I'd guess that this was a pilot, which they'll evaluate, and then the next launch will be of quite a few shops dotted all over the UK. It's apparently a chain with 2,400 places in the US, so I can't imagine they'll give up a chance of a piece of the UK chicken corpse market so easily.

  • It is a pilot, but if it's clear that they'll be picketed and boycotted by a lively alphabet community, they may leave it to the heathens of Morley's. And the UK's corpse-lovers do prefer a place which opens on Sundays.

  • Yes, but once there are multiple outlets, they'll be quite hard to 'picket'. It's easy when there's one point of focus. I predict that the protesters would soon no longer have the resources/move on to other worthy causes.

  • A lot of the protesters were local though, Reading Pride, (some) local councillors etc

    No reason to believe other areas won't have similarly protests

  • Sure, but unless they manage to organise protests at every outlet, and co-ordinate, they'll inevitably feel more of a sense of futility, especially if the company moves fast about opening new branches. Oh well, I hope it doesn't happen. Too many struggles.

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  • please boycott everything that comes from Chile. The state is committing human rights violations.
    Chile is an exporter country, so it is important to exert international pressure on their products.

  • Give us a hint.

  • It's hard to name brands, because they're for the foreign market. Most of the exports are wines, blueberries, avocado (these have a great impact on water consumption, leaving localities to die. ex: Petorca). If you are going to buy fresh vegetables and fruits, check their origin.

  • Big metal / metal ore exporters too - much harder to avoid.

  • Not sure which thread this is most relevant but worth sharing seeing how much most of us use google in one way or another­oogles-head-of-international-relations-h­ere-s-why-i-left-49313d23065

  • A benevolent alternative (for search at least):

  • I didn't realise it's a browser app as well as a search engine (just installed and using it now)

  • Boycott the Beach Boys - even Brian's down with that:­eb/04/brian-wilson-boycotts-beach-boys-h­unting-convention-concert

    Mike Love is just the absolute worst.

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Boycott Everything

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