Boycott Everything

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  • Is that the new wife beater?

    1. Wilkin and Sons jam makers are pretty right on. Probably should be renamed Wilkin and Offspring mind
  • No, as @Sumo says, I'm saying that in the sorts of places where you can get Brewdog beer, it's pretty rare that there's not a better option available, and therefore it should be pretty rare that anyone buys it.

    It's a nice example where, for once, there is essentially no downside to taking the "ethical" position

  • the sorts of places where you can get Brewdog beer

    So, Asda?

  • I'm saying that in the sorts of places where you can get Brewdog beer, it's pretty rare that there's not a better option available

    In my experience, this isn't actually true. Sure. If I go to the specialist beer shop I'm not going to come back with BD beer. If I get invited out on a work do or Thursday night drinkies with colleagues, it's pretty likely the least shit beer will be BD. Yes, these aren't the best places to drink. But some beer > no beer .

  • I like Camden Hells coz it’s a lager, not some twatty tropical IPA, it’s everywhere, and it’s vegan.
    Pls nobody say I need to boycott it

  • vodak > beer

  • But also that

  • Tongue was firmly in cheek ;)

  • ..ah thank god, I thought someone was going to call me a cockwomble or wankpuffin next :)

  • Camden Brewery sold out to Anheuser-Busch so you're just buying larger made by an arm of one of the biggest brewing conglomerates on the planet. Ironically, they were criticised by the owners of Brewdog for selling out to the man, and no longer stock their beers in their bars.

  • My local Morrison’s stocks a lot of BD and a lot of stuff I’d consider worse than BD, but also Leffe, Hoegaarden, Chimay, that nice Schoferhofer grapefruit stuff, a load of stuff from the Drygate, Inveralmond and Orkney breweries, Brooklyn, Blue Moon... I’ve no idea how ethical any of that stuff is but I know it tastes a hell of a lot better than anything I’ve had from BD.

    I don’t think I’ve ever been in a pub where a BD beer was going to be the best tasting thing on offer either but to be fair, I don’t go to the pub often and tend to choose which pub to drink in based on their selection of beer.

  • Leffe and Hoegarden are also AB owned. Chimay is those monks, which is fine, until you start to pick apart Christianity and then it all gets messy again.

  • Specialized, 'cos of that Roubaix thing.

  • BOYCOTT... they sold out years ago... fuck em where they stand... or brew as the case may be!

  • Do you work for Brewdog?

  • Blue Moon

    That is made by MillerCoors

  • Anyway, it's all about hard kombucha these days.

  • Can we move on from the ethical beer debate and get back to listing every company in the world and a reason to avoid them.

  • We do need to do that, but let's settle the most important things first...

  • I'm assuming that everyone posting in this thread works for, and is a significant investor in, BrewDog, until they prove otherwise.

  • "Selling out" in and of itself isn't Evil, and there are clearly bigger issues in the modern corporate world to worry about. Selling out is only a problem if the buyer-outer is Evil.

  • Can someone point me to a non-alcoholic vegan beer that is tasty and made by entirely lovely huggable people? Asking too much?

  • Can we hoof this dim chud already?

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Boycott Everything

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