Sparkly red samson illusion njs track bike

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  • Moving to a wee island off Orkney at the end of the year, need a bigger car that can tow and just can’t justify owning four track bikes, the pearl white went to Kaspar so now just have the red one for sale.

    Red samson njs illusion track. Been my Sunday bike and there haven’t been enough sunny Sundays for this.. Really lovely satin red with gold sparkle paint job, looks amazing in the sun!! I’m unsure of the tubing as no markings, but he tends to use Columbus. The most beautiful fork crown on it too!

    Probably only had 200miles on it since I bought the frame from @gubhi. A few paint chips (from the tsa searching my bike bag..) which I’ve tried to capture but no dings or dents!

    Went full njs, but wanted clincher wheels so had these built and shipped by track supermarket in japan so as close to njs as possible- again 200 miles on these, rims are not even aware of the concept of brakes.

    Kashimax five gold 8p padded njs embroidered saddle, fitted but never ridden, gorgeous and cost me a fortune

    Headset is a little gritty (bought used from njs export)

    The straps have separated between one of the layers of leather and the plastic strip in the middle ( the holes on the supremes were super tight! ) I’ve used them no problem, and I’m sure you could cut that layer out if you chose and they’d still be tough. Just wanted to mention.

    Measurements are: 56cm st x 57cm tt

    Samson Illusion track frame - Satin red with gold sparkle - built by Tetsuro Harada

    Samson track fork, Hatta Swan super deluxe headset (njs)

    Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
    Sugino 75 bb(njs) Sugino 75 165mm cranks (njs) aftermarket sugino dust caps

    mks supreme (njs) , Mks straps ivory (njs) Mks adjustable clips (njs)

    Izumi Super toughness(njs) , Sugino Zen 52t chainring (njs) , 17t Halo cog

    Nitto Pearl 120 stem (njs) , Nitto B127 340mm drops (njs) Yoshida Champ Grips (4mm)

    Nitto SP72 250mm 30mm rail (njs), Kashimax five gold 8P saddle (njs)

    Front Wheel/Hub
    Dura Ace 7600hb laced to Araya Sa 730 Clincher rim, toshi double butted spokes

    Rear Wheel/Hub
    Dura Ace 7600hb double fixed laced to Araya Sa 730 Clincher rim, toshi double butted spokes

    Looking for £1200 plus post (based in Glasgow) spent way more putting it all together

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  • More pics

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  • And a last few

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  • jheeez... what you can build with Glasgow rent prices is amazing haha. So sick. Have a free bump, glws!!

  • I am actually happy this is too big for me ... nice ! although it might be a bit pricey ?

  • I think the price is pretty fair

  • and I'm VERY happy it's too small for me

  • @wesk thanks so much bud!! High rent and nice bikes means not eating much haha
    @hakatone what height are you? I’m 6’2” and made it work, mainly through just being desperate to 😂

  • Will also throw in an eai gold medal pro 15t cog with about 15 miles on it, in a gold and red that matches the frame!

  • Moving to a wee island off Orkney at the end of the year

    Ooh which one? Always been a daydream of mine

  • Found this wee 5 acres overlooking the sea on shapinsay ☺️

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  • Well jealous! Although it's a bit duplitious of the seller to take the photo on the one sunny day each year :p

  • How tall are u?

  • We got super lucky and were up last weekend, it must have been this day last year

    @Patfatal sorry bud, life’s been hectic, pm incoming

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  • Have a start date now so need to get this shifted, any interest at £1100 plus post?

  • No thx buddy,
    I found something else.

  • Last call before fleabay, £1075 plus post..?

  • Man, thats a great price! And amazing bike you have, but your new place looks like it totally worth it.


Sparkly red samson illusion njs track bike

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