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  • Suggestions for the ultimate, money no object, fixed gear hub. No flip flop. Just bulletproof.

  • Dura Ace 7600

  • Just bulletproof.

    Front Shimano XT 6 bolt conversion with an iso cog.

    There are lighter, fancier, off the shelf hubs but my experience of running one of these is that it’ll outlive me.

    Goldtec might be a good shout but my enduring memory of them is there being a problem with the flanges cracking after exposure to road salt a few years ago.

  • Profile Racing Track Hubs are fucking, fucking amazing.
    I love them.

  • Goldtec might be a good shout but my enduring memory of them is there being a problem with the flanges cracking after exposure to road salt a few years ago.

    I have had Goldtec on my bike for the past 11 years and it still rolls as freshly as the day that I bought it and has carried my obese frame over many thousands of miles and all sorts of terrain. Could not recommend highly enough. Added advantage is that it unbolts with an Allen key and not a spanner and an Allen key s smaller and easier to carry.

  • Always had a soft spot for White Industries and their splined sprockets.

  • My Suzue ProMax ones have been flawless, they spin for days!

  • Cheap £25 one suffice.

  • Pffft where’s the fun in that

  • Trials hubs. Splined sprocket. Optionally with disc mount. Bolts instead of nuts.

  • Bolts instead of nuts.

    For any functional reason? Or just aesthetics?

  • Porn hub ?

  • Pffft where’s the fun in that

    It's a hubs.

    Like, it hold your rims and stuff.

  • Halo G fix always found to be spot on for me


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  • Can’t actually argue with that, Ed. What is ‘bulletproof’, exactly? Built my wheels on Zenith/Andel/Formula/[can’t remember which ones] hubs back in 2010 and commuted about 13000 miles on them through 7 winters before the bearings needed replacing. Put a set of SKF bearings in them as replacements for about £8 per end and they’ve been back in daily use again since. I don’t look after them, I don’t have to. I’ve never had a set of wheels that have needed so little attention.

  • I tend to have a multitool whenever i ride, but a decent length 15mm takes a fair bit of space for the few uses it has on a bike.

  • Thanks for the input.
    Porn hub I guess 😏
    Al La Chris King, but they won't build me one at any price 😔.
    Assuming: more money, more robust easily serviceable hub.
    Looking for all finishing kit for a custom titanium build.

  • More money doesn’t mean more robust or more easily serviced... Chris king service is much more in-depth that a hope hub...

  • No mentions of Mack?

  • Royce

  • ooffff

    Royce Ti-Carbon track hubset. 4 month lead time only made to order yours for £963


  • You get to buy the hubset and let us know how awesome it is then sell it to Amey so he can match up a Ti-Carbon Biek build that would surpass anything else the forum has seen. :)

  • Exactly, Hope hubs are very easy to service almost without needing tools (to replace freehubs).

    Even with that in mind, I still go for the shimano cup and cones.

  • Phil Wood..?

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Ultimate hub

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