Advice - Buying a new single speed or fixie - Reccommendations

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  • Hi,

    After some advice.

    Looking at purchasing a new single speed with option of flip flop hub.

    Wanting some advice/thoughts on the best bang for buck for £300-500.

    I have read a number of articles and am wanting to know what your pick would be for that price range. I understand you get what you pay for so with that in mind, I want something that will last and not have to keep repairing or replacing parts. There are a number of companies out there that do a bike for this price range (GOKU, MANGO, NO LOGO, STATE BIKES, SANTA FIXIE) etc. If anyone has any ideas of which is the best model or brand or more importantly which ones to avoid please advise. Thanks

  • Avoid all of the above. Buy second hand on here. Replace the tape/grips, saddle of your choice, new tyres. It'll feel new and won't be piece of crap.

    Look for: Charge Plug/Grater, Genesis Flyer/Day One, On One Pompino, Kona Paddywagon, Surly/Pearson whatever (practical/comfortable geo)


    Specialized Langster, Dolan FXE, Cannondale Capo, Giant Bowery, Eastway Esaki/Vitus Track (track/race geo)

  • And Surley

  • +1 with bikes_knob

    His selection is all modern 1 1/8" headtube and standard threaded BB so cheap parts and upgrades.

    Is it a hack bike, a commuter or something you want mudguards and maybe a rack on, or just a fastish commuter. Of the selection above they are mostly excellent allrounders with extra fittings, the Capo is more Track/fast and the Langster is a fast road/Track.

  • Hi thanks for everyones replies. After a commuter that rides fast, and is stripped to bare minimum components. I know you the first guy said stay away from State Bikes but this is really what I am after­tate-bicycle-co/products/carolina?varian­t=28067938598996 I guess I just don't know enough about the quality of the components...are they really that bad? Let me know your thoughts. I will have a look at your suggestions too. Thanks

  • State are the best of that lot, for sure. Components are not great, that's how State makes money. You gets 'mates price' on here, so £430 would go a long way. A 52cm Langster Pro with far better components just sold for £180. I bought a 56cm 4130 track frame on here for £50 recently.

    Whatever bike you choose, please don't be one of those assholes riding around single speed with only a front brake.

  • When Wellgo pedals are the only branded item mentioned, I wouldn’t hold out for great components...

  • +1 with Acliff

  • what bikes knob said

  • A Genesis Day One for £420 here­y-one-10-men-s-road-bike-2018.html which is a good price if you're the right size.

    May not be quite the style you want though.

  • Yep, was gonna post that too. Great price for a great bike.

  • Wiggle recently renamed the Eastway seems like about as good specced components you might get for that price buying a track style bike new. Dolan FXE frame, Surly etc. are all options too. You will get the best value by checking the forum for second hand as already said, but it takes patience and you might be itchy...

  • Great thanks for all the advice, will keep an eye out for some bikes on the forum and keep researching.

  • I've been riding mine to work the last few days. Good bike!

  • I have recently gone from a Langster to a pinnacle monzonite for commuting. I’m quite impressed with the pinnacle, seems a good quality frame with a decent paint job. Changed it to normal brake levers and fixed and it’s a nice commuter and atm at £295 a bit of a bargain.

  • What size are you after? Height? I have to sell my DayOne (house move, no garage). Tbh Best commuter bike I had, got it here and upgraded. Would prefer it stays in the forum. Decade edition size S with Disc, carbon Seatpost, better bars and brakes

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  • I have a Trek Triton that I need to sell on to make some space. Size 55cm. Currently with flat bars but I have drops for it too if that's more your style.
    Let me know if you're interested.

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  • I think disc brakes are a must for commuting. Rim wear is a PITA.

  • Counterpoint: rim brakes are fine for commuting and indeed any cycling discipline

  • dbad.

  • Tell that to downhill Mtb racers they are sure to agree.

  • My Audax bike and my "fast" both have rim brakes. Commuting, I'd go through 2 sets of rims a year with the back roads and hills down here (Cornwall). Horses for courses.

  • two sets of rims a year?! on what mileage?


Advice - Buying a new single speed or fixie - Reccommendations

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