• That Ritchey is lovely- I wanted one being sold by the Pro’s Closet last year but they wanted £250 for postage to UK!

    Where in Cali are you?
    I toured the 101 a few years ago and some of the terrain looks familiar from my pics around San Luis Obispo

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  • Lovely stuff!

    Are you somehow running an 1 1/8" fork on the T-Max or am I imagining those spacers to be fatter than they are?

  • Thanks! I got lucky with mine, f+f popped up locally for cheap--previous owner had it in his garage for over a decade and was getting ready to move. Will take some better pictures of it eventually. Currently stemless and seatless...

    SLO is absolutely gorgeous, especially during spring. One of the most visually green places I've ever been. I'm in Vallejo, about an hour northeast of SF. It's a nice middle ground between SF/Marin and Berkeley/Oakland, so near a lot of easily accessible and beautiful rides.

  • Good eye! 1" threadless setup with a steerer sleeve bringing it to 1 1/8" so I could use the spacers and stem.

  • Ah yeah, that makes sense, cheers. was wondering if you maybe found some odd way of installing an 1 1/8" fork. Guess I'll just have to find a decent 1" one for my retro mtb stuff.

  • Still haven't sorted the seatpost clamp on the Serotta, and it's breaking my heart. Purchased a carbon clamp, but it ended up being too big... Works for the CAAD5 though, so may toss it on there at some point.

    Minor adjustments to the CAAD5: -17 110mm kalloy switched to -10 100mm Thomson stem, and raised the handlebars a wee bit. Still haven't fixed the saddle angle yet... but at least it's comfy.

    Aaaaaaand a new addition to the collection despite my best efforts to downsize:
    2013 Santa Cruz Tallboy C (1st edition)
    Price was right, and really have been enjoying my recent mtb rides, so I figured why not. Definitely more bike than I need/can handle at this point.

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  • Nice ‘rotta. Where are you, the bay?

  • Edit: just seen Vallejo. Ignore!

  • Switched out the seat clamp, seatpost and saddle for some fresh Chinese carbon. The CAAD5 currently weighs in at 16.2lbs/7.35kg, crudely measured by weighing myself with and without the bike.

    The Flite saddle will return the Serotta, might send the seatpost with it. STILL haven't done anything about the clamp yet...

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  • That front end needs to come up about a 5mm spacer and you need to get a -12 stem to get the stem completely level to the tt for maximum Insta points!

    Aesthetically I always feel that neo retro bars with a big drop doesn't sit well on small frames. Something with the bars ending up beneath the lower headset cup that irks me. But you know, IMO and all that.

    And I do hope that Power saddle now isn't tiltet forward as the Flite was. ^_^

  • Nah, I totally agree with you. Unfortunately, I don't have other bars or stems to toss on right now. At some point I'll find some bars with a shallower drop, as the drops on the Thomson don't even extend enough at the bottom to be comfortable; feel's like I'm resting my hands partially on the curved bit. And don't worry, the saddle is now as level as can be!

    Also turns out the alloy seat clamp was like .2-3 grams lighter than the carbon one, so gonna switch them back. I don't know why I didn't weight them prior to making the switch.

  • Edit: just seen Vallejo. Ignore!

    Jeees look out for the Po-Po...

  • Not appropriate. IMO.

  • Vallejo PD has a long history of use of abuse, how is pointing that out inappropriate?

  • Not inappropriate to point it out. But the way you phrased it so nonchalantly considering everything that’s happened in Vallejo in the last few days, was. Especially on top of the history that’s already there, again, IMO. Would you have told Sean Monterrosa to ‘watch out for the po-po’?

    I dunno. Perhaps I’m overreacting.

  • I dunno, I haven’t checked the news since Friday, has something gone down in Vallejo?

    When I lived in Twin Peaks a decade ago it was always “watch out for the Po-Po in Vallejo”.

  • Yeah. Another young black male killed at gunpoint.

    ‘Monterrosa, 22, was on his knees when a Vallejo police officer shot him through the windshield of his police cruiser during the early hours of Tuesday, June 2.

    The Vallejo police chief later said his officer shot Monterrosa after mistaking a gun for a hammer that was in Monterrosa’s pocket.‘

    Sorry, didn’t mean to cause a stir. Just difficult to deal with all this shit ya know.

  • I get it, shit really sucks at the moment. Or more to the point, light is finally being shown on the big pile of shit that is policing in the US and important discussions are taking place on institutional racism. I live in a fairly conservative corner of New England and all the farms around me have BLM signs as do some of my Republican neighbors.

    Just hope the tide swell holds.

  • Barely ridden these last 6 months, just a short spin around the neighborhood every few weeks. Finally nutted up and bought a new seatpost clamp for the Serotta, so it's finally rideable again at least.

    Nothing else has changed with the rest of the collection, however will be dropping off 2-3 bikes at my parents' when I move again in a few months. Definitely keeping the Santa Cruz with me. Will also keep (at least) one road bike as well which means deciding between Serotta or Cannondale. Cannondale has the powermeter on it so it's probably going to stay...

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i can't afford these bikes please stop me - Ritchey, Serotta Legend & Tmax, CAAD5 Saeco

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