• Picked up a new project today and figured I would document it and my other bikes here, otherwise I'd never take any pictures.

    Starting with my complete bikes:

    1993 Serotta Colorado Ti
    Born the same year I was. Graced with Chorus 11 and Reynolds Assault wheels. Was planning to go threadless with a hylix fork, but decided against it in the end. Nothing planned for it other than changing the saddle back to a China carbon SMP copy, and a slightly shorter stem in the future.

    2019 Cannondale CAADX
    Bought this for the girlfriend, but made sure that it could be adjusted to fit me when needed :^)
    No real plans for this either other than going tubeless in the future. And a carbon seatpost at some point. Otherwise stock with 105 R7000 stuff.

    90's Specialized Rockhopper
    Haven't bothered taking a picture of this beater, will get around to it at some point. Pretty much stock from the day it was born. Threw on a Wald basket, possible fenders come winter.

    And lastly, today's purchase, also "for the girlfriend" because she "needs a road bike"...

    90's Ritchey Road Logic
    In a beautiful cobalt blue that transitions into a purplish color. Geometry similar to the Serotta, but with a longer top tube.

    Already have a plan and most components around for this one, just need to find the time.

    1. Chris King threaded headset - locknut in a mismatched color but fuck it
    2. 8 speed Chorus groupset and Vento wheels - pilfered from the Serotta's original build
    3. China carbon seatpost + Flite Ti saddle
    4. Soma Hwy 1 bars

    Just have to figure out what quill stem to throw on here. Thinking maybe SimWorks or Nitto UI-2. Thoughts?

    Also want a mountain bike, but no idea where to go with that thought.

  • Nice bikes, what country you in?

  • Thanks! I'm in the US, specifically California.

    Had a few minutes to whack on the headset and crankset today. Turns out the seatpost was a smidge too big at 27.2. Have a tasty Thomson elite on the way in 27.0 instead. Soma bars arrived but I think I'll swap them out with the bontrager bar on the Serotta because silver matchy matchy bits.

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  • Been half a year now, figured I'd post some updates.

    Changed the saddle and stem on the Serotta, added some aliexpress lightweight bottle cages. An absolute joy to ride as always, but the 53/39 is misery. Think I'm gonna switch to a Columbus minimal fork and an inline carbon seatpost sometime next year, and hopefully switch to 50/34 chainrings sooner (which unfortunately requires a new crankset because campy bullshit).

    Finished up the Ritchey, but ran into some problems during the build. Couldn't find a front derailleur clamp narrow enough to fit the seat tube, so ended up going 1x instead. It's been my daily commuter for the last 6 months-ish, and as much as I love it, I won't be commuting by bike next year. Going to be selling it on in preparation for another incoming project.

    No changes with the CAADX, and gave the old specialized that I never took pics of to my mom.

  • Both are very nice. I'm not sure the chunkier Grammo stem works better than the thinner one you had on the OP though.

  • Agreed, looks pretty tumorous. The bars also keep slipping in it, even though both are 26.0 and I've shimmed it. Pretty annoying honestly. Bought it on a whim since it was Ti, shorter, and a good deal. It'll do until I make all the changes I'm thinking of.

  • Good news and bad news today
    Good news: switched out the fat Grammo stem for a SimWorks SW28 stem off the Ritchey. Much thinner profile that matches the tubes better, and better yet, has had no issues with bar slippage, and no shimming needed. Ignore the tape job...

    Bad news: seatpost slipped on my last ride. Went to tighten it today and a nice loud ping sound later, the bolt from the seatpost clamp had snapped, with half of it still inside the clamp.
    Also bad news, the Campy aero seatpost no longer really matches with anything other than the headset on the bike after the stem change. And I realized just how heavy that shit is today, so I'm tempted to throw a carbon post on instead...

  • Also something I've been neglecting:
    Serotta T-Max that I was tinkering with and planned to take out on some overnighters until something in the BB/cranks area started squeaking... and now it's in pieces in the garage because the BB is stuck. Will get it sorted at some point.

  • A bit of carbon mounting paste does wonders on slipping bars and seatposts.

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i can't afford these bikes please stop me - CAADX, Ritchey, Serotta

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