Klein Quantum Pro "Karma Chameleon" build

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  • Ah, get the qrs that work best, Shimano. Weight be damned.

  • So, talk to me about tyres? I've narrowed it down to two options. Conti GP5000 and the Panaracer Race C Evo3 Folding. Last option is gumwall. Both come rated by the interwebz.

    So go murdered out with GP5000 or get saucy with gumwall or something completely different?

  • Saucy gumwall all the way

    I’m building a Klein quantum pro in coral and have had the same mental discussion

  • Gumwalls, DA skewers.

    This is my current favourite build thread, think you're going to end up with something really special.

  • Glorious bike. Dura ace skewers, gumwalls (they look great with dark green).
    It will still be lighter than the carbon-aero-disc brake-electronic shifting MAMIL chariots

  • Gumwalls come in so many colors. I like the S-Works Cotton clinchers which have a nice yellow colour to them.

    All the modern Vittoria are very pale

  • Yeah, seen that bike on the gram @Lolo. RH Cayuse Pass 26mm on that last pic. So I'm good with the Pannys.

  • Cheers for the interest! Yeah, that's my hope as well. :)

  • Nice! Love that colour too!

  • On the fence regarding brake/rd&fd cables and outers. Is it worth the extra coin to go with the Jagwire Elite Link vs going with the Shimano 9000 packages? @hippy any experience with either?

  • I've had quite a few pair of Panaracers and some come up a fair bit narrower anyway.

  • I've only used the old Nokon stuff for tight runs on TT bikes. It works well but the links get squeaky so I used to spray the outers with GT85 or similar. Sorry, no experience with Jagwire - I've never seen the point of using anything other than the Shimano cables except on the TT bike.

  • As above, I'd use the DA cables unless I had a really tight turn - which I do on the Rocket so I have used Nokon there.

  • Seeing the pics above of the coral QII and on the green QP I can't spot anything that looks tight so I'll go with DA.

    Hopefully these cables won't snap but I got the first version of the 9000 shifters so they might.

  • Sooooo, was to get an order in on Bike24 but the fekking front derailleur clamp adapter was out of stock.

    Which other adapter would work with the 9000 front derailleur which isn't the Dura Ace SM-AD90?

    Ping @mdcc_tester and @edscoble. Thankful for your guys input :)

  • Whats specific about it? won't any old clamp work?

    +1 for DA cables btw, they're excellent

  • Just thought that as it's a high spec group it might not play well with older type clamps?

  • I used a regular band on adapter from my lbs with a DA9000 front mech.
    So I suspect anything will work.

    I think the Shimano ones are for bigger tubes and require a rubber adapter for smaller tubes, be sure to check the diameter before you buy.

  • Which other adapter would work

    Any generic one, there's nothing special about the SM-AD90. Pick something robust rather than weight-weenie, because Di2 front shifts can be a bit boisterous.

  • Shimano ones are for bigger tubes and require a rubber adapter for smaller tubes

    Shimano generally do 31.8mm and 34.9mm natively, with what I thought was an aluminium shim to fit the 31.8mm clamp to 28.6mm tubes

  • 2008

    You don't get to say "back in the day" about something which happened in the 21st century 🧐

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Klein Quantum Pro "Karma Chameleon" build

Posted by Avatar for Thrust @Thrust