Klein Quantum Pro "Karma Chameleon" build

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  • So, I'm doing a new project based on a 1998 Klein Quantum Pro in the green/purple jadechameleon colour. Post-trek but pre-shit.

    It still has the MC2 MC3 MC2 Airhead cockpit/headset combo intact on there and it's all in very good condition considering the age. No play and no coarseness.

    A minute ding in the TT and some small chainsuck rubbing on the left chainstay are the only things I can find that is wrong with the frame.

    So a few thoughts.

    I want to keep the MC2 MC3 MC2 Airhead cockpit because it looks rad and it's very light.
    I want to go mechanical because I'm not ready for any electronic bits just yet.
    I want it to have a compact chainset Got a 53/39 instead so it's a now turning into a crit bike.
    I want it to have a light clincher wheelset in carbon whatever material
    I want it at 6.5-6.8 8kg.

    My budget is around £1600 all in.

    What are my options? Second hand bits no doubt.

    I was thinking maybe a Rotor3D24 with Praxis Buzz 50/34 rings with Dura Ace 9000 front and rear mech + shifters, or is there better bang for the buck pairings?


  • Threaded BB or the Klein press-in?

  • Threaded, so I'm thinking Chris King Threadfit 24 just to have a set and forget bottom bracket.

  • This is nice! Always wanted to have one of them. What’s the weight of the frameset alone, any idea?

  • I need to take the seatpost out and bars off and weigh it.

    Might have some numbers tomorrow. But it's very light indeed. I'm guesstimating 900gr.

  • Don't normally go for alloy frames , but that is stunning .

  • Always wanted one of those frames, have never come across one in my size (yet). :)

    Have never liked the look of heavier chainrings like the Buzz, if you are going for the 3D24 the Rotor noQ rings are also an option?

  • You'll use 1/16 of your budget on the BB. You'll never get it done for £1600

  • I like a challenge, but you might be right on that.

  • You could get 10 normal bbs for the price of one of these? If the shell is properly faced and you only ride this bike in good weather (I'd hope so) youll struggle to wear out 10 bbs

  • My guess was far off. 2060gr with the stem and cut old housing but I’m chuffed.

  • Might actually be post Trek now when I did some googling. But that means 1 1/8 fork and threaded bb instead of 1 1/6 and klein press fit as @dammit asked about.

  • So build is going forwards.

    Bought a Dura Ace 9000 group sans rear derailleur which is an Ultegra R8000 mid cage.

    To get it rolling I'll throw on a pair of Shimano RS-11 wheels I have standing as training wheels and building a set of carbon hoops to some exotic hubs in the winter time.

    Tyres, I'm thinking GP5000 and Lifeline extralight inners.

    Bars are HWY1 26mm wrapped in Fizik Tempos.

    I need recommendations on cable outers. I'm looking at either Nokon or Jagwire Elite Link, but are they rated among the peeps on here?

  • Ah, you could have had this if press-fit:

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    • 94502448-DA07-452B-B08D-8DD93BAD9049.jpeg
    • 9044332C-6F97-493A-B3B6-50762B2DF418.jpeg
  • Might actually be post Trek now

    I didn't think Trek made any Mission Control frames, interesting.

  • Klein made them, but Klein was owned by Trek (from 1995) so some "later" Kleins had MC2 (and usually threaded BB shells)
    They were still made in Chehalis, but Trek forced a lot of design compromises.

  • So, MC2 Airhead it is then.

    I need to check for a serial. Somone on IG said the Jadechameleon colour on this vintage was rare (with threaded bb)

  • but Trek forced a lot of design compromises

    Any idea which compromises except the obvious ones?

  • Well bottom bracket was the most obvious and immediate. The use of suspension forks on Adroits and Attitudes ( and Mantras, which were originally designed to work with a rigid fork)
    I know Klein used them before trek but the famous rigid fork vanished once the company was taken over
    Then MC3, and the use of carbon in the rear stays on Quantum (Q pro) models.
    Trek also brought in models not ever intended ( the Navigator for example) and used the Klein branding and tooling. A nice bike but forced on the company.
    I think yours is one of the best road race bikes ever made. I sold mine on here, and still regret it. I still have a few but not a pro.

  • From back in the day:

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    • 0F981954-4942-4240-9ED3-942C3AE696DB.jpeg
  • ^^Agree that these are lovely frames, I’d rather one of these than my (later, carbon stayed) Quantum, even though it’s Internet-notorious.

  • Nice! But “back in the day?” That’s quite a recent pic if the wheels are anything to go by...

  • That looks like a total weapon!

    What depth on the wheels there?

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Klein Quantum Pro "Karma Chameleon" build

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