• I got the 20l one - either £6.99 or £7.99.

  • The old btwin carbon soled road shoes are really fantastic. Stiff as my stiffy.

    I have a lot of love for their Simond brand (mountaineering and climbing) too although that was a company that Decathlon bought out rather than a new range created in house.

  • DeCrackalon is what my Wife calls it

  • Well now I feel inadequate. Thanks.

  • We're long time fans of the Surrey Docks (Quays) Decathlon and have loads of their outdoor stuff mainly for camping.
    I saw the new Ealing one last weekend and it's pretty small.
    Was about to buy something (think it's impossible to go in and not find something to buy) but the queue for the 3 self-service tills was ridiculous. They've got to put more in.

  • Kinda disappointed and surprised that Icebreaker is also a "D", and ranked lower down.

  • It’s my happy place. I like to go there and wander around, sometimes just do a bit of archery, or ride a bike around the store.

  • I try on the Furtiv jacket and watch you while you do it

  • I bought a down jacket (Simond range) in decathlon last year. I quite enjoyed their down welfare statement which was basically "this jacket has goose and duck feathers in it. The birds were dead when they were plucked and sold for meat."

  • Went to Chingford to have a look at the Triban RC520 last night. GF is looking for a winter road bike/gravel bike. Looks pretty good IRL, and you can't argue with the price. £730 for 105 r7000 and HY/RDs?! They even do a womens version now with the same frame (different paint, not pink), shorter cranks and contact points. With some lighter wheels + tyres I reckon it'll be a pretty good bike (the stock wheels are 2kg + 410g per end road tyres).

    And the carbon fork has mid leg eyelets for ultimate hipster front rack bag graveldonneuring!

  • I’d like the fork on its own I think. Bet it’ll be a reasonable price when they release it.

  • DeCrackalon is what my Wife calls it

    Well done
    I'm not going to tell the better half of this phrase.

  • And the carbon fork has mid leg eyelets for ultimate hipster front rack bag graveldonneuring!

    Inserts on blades for mounting a front pannier rack.
    Maximum load on the fork: 9kg,

    thats pretty damn good.

  • Really? I'm in the market for a running jacket.

  • This is the fork I think. A great price (£120) but not in stock anywhere.

  • I think they could do themselves a massive favour by not putting such obvious branding on a lot of their stuff

    Agreed. I'd like their stuff a whole lot better if it didn't have enormous BTWIN logos splashed all over it.

  • I have the RC520. Done nearly 10000km on it now, including a lot of audaxes, and Paris-Brest-Paris. It's a cracking bike. I changed the wheels pretty quickly as I was having enormous problems getting tyres onto the stock rims.

  • Awesome. Got a pic of it I can show her?

  • So many!

    Full audax mode:

    Less luggage:

    (yes, mudflap needed, I know)

  • In fact, I like the RC520 so much that I never want to ride my other bike. I'd like to get hold of some 650b wheels (pretty sure the frame is identical geometry to the "gravel" version which comes with 650b as standard) and go all out on fatter tyres next.

  • Thanks, looks great!

    They didn't have one in store, but on the decathlonuk_cycling insta, the paint on the womens version looks pretty nice...

  • A bit of a thread derail this, but I am building a generic Chinese naked carbon road disc frame into a 650B mudguard n lights brevety thingy. An outfit called Custom Wheels in Wrocław will build a set of Novatec D411CB / 412CB straightpull hubs laced with Sapim Laser 2/1.5/2 spokes to DT Swiss XR 331 rims for 340 euros. Pawel told me in an email that postage to the rest of the EU would be 20 to 30 euros. The lowest prices for those parts sans build cost come to more than 300 euros with some pricematching. If there is a better deal around for this sort of cash I´d like to know about it. Can build myself too but would rather not as patience is not one of my virtues. Must be true wheels because Velogical.

    Does anybody have any experience with ordering from Custom Wheels?


  • I have a triban 520 as my go too bike, with some Schwalbe G -Ones in 38mm tubeless.. Apart from the very heavy wheels, the bike has been fantastic

  • I have the wheels that came off said bike, I have now upgraded to hopes to fit the same spec as all of the bikes in the household..

    On a budget yes but sealed bearing and good enough for stock wheels!

  • Anyone got a pair of these?
    Seem a great price for leather upper shoes. Thinking about them for touring.

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Decathlon: Daley Thompson pressing C64 keys fast. Triban, Van Rysel and more

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