• Probably what locals of Surrey Quays have known for years but Decathlon has some serious kit now.
    At a good price.

    I say this as a branch has opened in Ealing and I can't stop going in.

    Perfect for bibs/accessories.


  • There is a Lidl thread. It makes sense to have a Decathlon thread.

    And I'm bothering with the bun fight in Lidl anymore when there is Decathlon 15mins away from me.

  • You are 5k

  • Their kit across the sports range seems generally pretty good. I like the idea that you can get reasonably priced kit for almost any sport. We have several pairs of the trekking trousers and shorts. Ideal for lightweight packing for holidays.

  • You are 5k
    My dream.

    As Alan^ said, I even saw horse-riding gear. In Ealing!

  • The rebranding of the cycling range was long overdue. They even do fancy stuff you wouldn't mind wearing:

    When I go back to France I always try to visit my local d4 for consumables, for example KMC X10SL chain in BTwin packaging for 20€ etc. Not sure how good the selection is in the UK.

  • Just bought a camping chair from warrington . £1.50 click and collect to my local asda !! Winner

  • I do like Decathlon though. Great for socks, baselayers, gloves, etc. I think they could do themselves a massive favour by not putting such obvious branding on a lot of their stuff.

  • I'm proud to kalenji.

    Edit: Apparently 20 in-house brands. Horse riding = Fouganza

  • Their new running range is actually amazing. Not merely value for money, just really good.

  • Their ‘aerofit’ base layers were/are excellent, and also have the top of the rage ‘aero’ Van Rysel helmet, which I bought as an emergency replacement, but actually quite like.

  • Holy moly. My inner magpie is triggered. Shame they don't go smaller than size 40.

  • I was looking at these when I was in the market for new shoes. Dials are Atop and definitely not as good as Boa. I spent the extra £30 on some Fizik aria R3

  • Second vote for the Aerofit layers.

    Lasted two years with daily winter/autumn commuting without a foot wrong, coming into the third year.

  • I like Decathlon but was unimpressed with the Van Rysel kit the last time I was in. The fit seemed shit (maybe it's just more of a 'race' fit than I was looking for?) and the price was easily up there with other 'mainstream' brands that fit (me at least) a lot better.

    I like the Btwin cycling caps as they seems a little larger than the average and are therefor a better fit for my huge head but on the other hand (literally) I also looked at mitts last time I was in and couldn't get anything on past my knuckles. I'm a large/extra large in brands like Kalf and Endura, Decathlon ones went up to XXL but no bueno.

  • I got a few compliments at a wedding this weekend about my sunglasses from a bunch of people wearing Raybans and stuff - they were a tenner in Decathlon.

    Also good value for running shorts with sensible pockets so you can carry a phone etc.

  • You can always recognise French tourists abroad by the amount of Quechua they wear. In India I was actually asked by a local guide why all French people he met were wearing it.

  • This. I´m clad head to toe in Quechua and French tourists keep starting conversations with me in French when we´re abroad or back in Finland.

    Decathlon´s highest-priced rambling trousers, Forclaz 900 I think they´re called, are bomb-proof. Just retired a pair because of a broken zip after a decade of daily use.

  • Forgot to say on my post that on my recent mini tour to Normandy stopping in 3 municipal campsites I wondered about the sanity of buying Decathlon shares. Over 90% of the tents on the sites were from Decathlon from single person to what appeared to be multi-family. At the last site there were at least 3 families sharing 2 pitches with about 10 tents (the kids wanted their own) and all the kids play kit such as badminton, pop up football goals etc were all a Decathlon. I didn’t see the cooking kit but no doubt that was from Decathlon again.
    They also do some specialist shops. For example near Chamonix there is an ‘outdoor/camping’ only store.

  • I bought this 10l backpack in Decathlon about three weeks ago for £2.49! Fits perfectly into a small Wald basket, the 137 I think. I don't think it's waterproof, based on the signage in the shop stating it isn't waterproof... but a dry bag inside sorts that.


    The bungee cords aren't really even necessary.
    My girlfriend asked how they sell them so cheap, I try not to think about the obvious reasons, but hey, I wear Nike etc...

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  • Nice picnic blankets

  • I’ve got these waterproof trousers with shoe covers. They are amazing.

    They have kept my feet dry when working all day in the rain as a courier. Had quite a few people ask where I bought them from once they see my shoes are covered as well.

    For £14.99 I thought they were a good price.


  • I have got a pair of their deep winter gloves. Work perfectly. £14.99.

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Decathlon: Daley Thompson pressing C64 keys fast. Triban, Van Rysel and more

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