wtd: adventure / gravel for long commute - advice solicited

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  • Hi all. I've been happily riding a brother frame ss for a couple of years. Now I'm commuting 1hr + to work a couple times / week and getting fat. which sucks. So I'm thinking to get a roadie that can carry a panier and get me from Clapton to Brunel University. Most of it seems to be along a canal. But google shows 2hr 15. Which I guess would end up being 2hr.

    Still.. 4hr / day is something. 2x per week = sports.

    Any bike recommendations? I'm 5'11.5" and weigh around 87k

    Current thinking is Specialized Sequoia.

  • Croix de fer would be more
    Than enough and cheaper than sequoia

  • @Thrasher it's true and I'm sure it's a sensible suggestion. But every comparison says the Spech is better.

    but I'm willing to pay for the comfort and looks. TBH. CdF looks excellent as well but the geometry of sequoia seems great. 4 hours per day in the saddle needs to be as luxurious as possible. I'm almost 50 years old brother. Bones are shaking just thinking about it.

  • I’d go cdf over sequoia most times.

  • Any particular reason?

  • Got a tcx frame spare (54) that I could sell cheap, comes with pannier and mudguard mounts 😉 May be too small but it a really good option for a commute

  • Is the Brunel uni in Uxbridge? I hate riding along the canal, it's slow and not much of a exercise. You could go along the A40, less pretty but faster.

    I have a CdF and can recommend it. But can't comment on the Sequoia, sorry.

  • @luccas yeah. Canal. Bad? Thanks for the tip.

  • @luccas yeah. Canal. Bad? Thanks for the tip.

  • Genesis equilibrium 725 will be on the road end of thr spectrum with 35mm tyres max, but faster

  • I cant recommend a Pinnacle Arkose enough!

    The sequoia is a good bike but very heavy because its cheaper steel, the Pinnacle is lighter and just as versatile. I built one for my girlfriend who commutes 2hrs a day on the road and we're planning some off piste rides for later this year.

    The price of the arkose will trump the specialized aswell ;)

  • One of the big reasons for me is a dislike the sloping top tube, that’s very personal though. I find it a bit cumbersome and heavy, the wheels are very heavy and it’s just not my cup of tea. I think the CDF is a much more altogether bike and you could easily use it as a winter Road bike, commuter and even off-road.

  • Hey all. thanks for the advice. I'm going to do a couple of loooong rides on my brother ss which I love first, then see if I really do need to get another bike.

  • I could be interested in this. Could you PM me some pictures and a price if you're still looking to sell please.

  • I have an Equilibrium Disc frameset and various bits that I could part with if you're interested? Size medium

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  • Really nice bike. I think I'm more of a 56 tho.

  • That's set up for me at 5'10"
    It's got a choade stem so you might find it works well. Happy to oblige you if you're interested. :)

  • I am 5'11' and was riding a 56 slammed with -17° stem. If i was getting an equilibrium (or any other steel genesis) again, i would go for medium to save weight and set up a more reasonnable cockpit

  • @Glws sorry I'm a dummy. 56 = large? I'm about the same height with a 1:1 wingspan (ape index). what size frame would u recommend?

  • yes 56 is large. equilibriums have long headtubes, they are essentially relaxed road frames. same goes for their fugios and cdf.
    here is a link to how i had set it up for reference if that can help, saddle height at 77cm i believe. What i mean is i could also have ridden a medium with a longer stem, less slammed and a longer showing seatpost, saddle with more setback.

  • cross checkkkkkkkk

  • cross checkkkkkkkk

  • Will pm with pics soon. Apologies to OP

  • Guys, Specialized Roubaix expert 2018 for £1600. Is that a good deal?

  • looks more like a 58 to me. i have the previous year equilibrium in 58
    i am also 5'11.5"

    equilibrium is a good shout, but if you want to use it all year round with guards, max tyre size could be an issue if riding on gravel.

    in which case a CDF is more versatile

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wtd: adventure / gravel for long commute - advice solicited

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