LEL 2021 / London - Edinburgh - London Audax

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  • Ballot entered, will be a stretch for me compared to previous but doable I think.

  • That's the old Mike Hall 'why do you race' debate!

  • I've also got unfinished business, but, this year I'm taking 5 kids cycling in the Loire valley instead.

    Finishing LEL will have to wait for another time.

  • Just to bump, will this be the thread for 2022 LEL?

    Anyone else entered and have you chosen your start and times?

    Where are you leaving your bags on route?

  • I'm not riding but I spoke to one of the organisers the other day.

    He said it will definitely run but they are about 100 entries below what they would like, so there are probably still places available if anyone wants to ride.

  • I've entered. My start time is 09:15. I haven't settled on my bag drops yet but I'm not relying on them. Charging packs and some spare clothes. I'll carry everything I need on the bike.

  • Starting at 0500, there is an absence of nice hotels near the start...........
    Premier Inn it is then .

  • Confirmed I won't be riding now. Folks who have been trying to visit for years coming the 3 weeks before LEL, to coincide with their only grand daughter's birthday, so can't get another week's leave straight after. Didn't think I could ask them to rearrange so I can ride a bike for 5 days.
    Guess I'm looking forward to PBP next year now!

  • Actually starting at Guildhall 05:00, a little longer overall but what's a few extra KM in 1600?

  • Who else is starting this Sunday? I foolishly committed to the 5am 100hr start when I registered but I've had a shocking year work load wise so am woefully underprepared form wise.

    It'll very much be a case of suffering through it for me.

  • I am, 11.15 start (it'll be my first Audax). The only thing I've really practiced consistently is the sleep deprivation part. Pretty sure I'll be alright for the first third not so sure about the rest. My bag drops are at Hessle and Brampton primarily to space out powerbank swaps.

  • 9.15am start for me. Preparation has been OK apart from June when my work load ramped up and had some conferences to attend.

    It's going to be hard but I'm determined to enjoy myself.

  • 12.45 start here. Prep was good during the year but I've done done something to my right quad in the last couple of weeks. Typical! Queue two Velophysio appts and lots of stretching. Will see how it goes!

    I think LEL might be cursed for me. Similar thing happened in 2017, hurting my knee three weeks before which flared up and caused me to DNF 400km in. It's the only audax I've ever scratched.

  • I've got a rotator cuff issue in my shoulder that I suspect is going to be my biggest hurdle, it's been flaring up with increasing regulatory. The immediate problem though are my tubeless wheels which seem to have decided not to hold air this week. I have eliminated valves, tape and tyres so can only conclude it's old sealant that's the issue...

  • A really good piece on audaxing tubeless (on the Dean) in the current Arrive.

  • That's a fucker, on both counts. Hope the shoulder is ok!

    Still on the michelin power tlr? I changed my rear a couple weeks ago as a precautionary task. There was a sealed hole in it I wasn't quite sure about.

  • Yeah still on the Michelins. I changed them about a month ago to new sets and they've both stopped really holding air in the last week. 99% sure it's sealant as I use Stans Race and when i cut open the bottle today (as it was empty) I found most of the particle bits in a solid lump at the bottom of the bottle. I suspect the last batch of sealant I put in was little more than white water.

    Cheers re-shoulder, it'll be painful but manageable i'm hoping. Fingers crossed your quad holds out!

  • 06.30 Debden start for me. Arrived from Vietnam yesterday and got the Isen all setup. Fresh tyres, sealant, chain and cassette
    Heading up to Chingford tonight and plan to register tomorrow at 11.00am. Any tips on where to get some on the bike nutrition (bars, carb+electrolytes etc.) in the area?

  • Tesco, Decathlon

  • 0615 Debden for me. Staying Buckhurst Hill.

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LEL 2021 / London - Edinburgh - London Audax

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