LEL 2021 / London - Edinburgh - London Audax

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  • PBP has got me wanting to do another long ride, and saw today that early bird entries close today:

    Food options galore, 2 x bag drops, sleeping place provision all over the place, the lovely English and Scottish countryside in glorious mid summer. Should be lovely!

    Anyone else thinking of doing this?

  • entered ballot .. gulp

  • If you are a long term AUK member, entry is guaranteed.

  • I am since 2017 dec .. need to check if my direct debit is still on

  • You can check your AUK# against this document.


  • not on there 😭

  • I have guaranteed entry so will decide in early 2021 I guess. I'd love to do it but LIFE, innit.

  • There are some caveats about the comprehensiveness of the list. I think if you were a household member who renewed within a 2 weeks of the 12th September, you're not on the list but eligible (I renewed on the 11th!). Think there were some people who also got missed. Send them an e-mail if you think you should be eligible.

    Also, keep your membership up to date. If you lapse, you'll no longer have guaranteed entry. They're not allowing a grace period this time round.

  • I thought I wasn't eligible so have entered the ballot. Turns out I am on the list after all. Any chance of false positives?

  • eligibility Confirmed

  • Would love to do this again and fully recommend anyone does it who is thinking about it.

  • Got the result from the ballot, preview text in gmail says I have a place, actual email says I don’t. Good thing I’m in the guaranteed entry list I suppose.

  • No place for me :(

  • Me neither

  • Why have you entered the ballot if you’re in the guaranteed entry?

  • See https://www.lfgss.com/comments/14890494/­

    I only saw this thread and the list afterwards.

  • Entered the ballot, got an e-mail telling me I had a place, and a subsequent e-mail telling me the first e-mail was wrong, and that in fact, I didn't have a place.

    I always thought Audax people were a bit strange, but that's confused the hell out of me.

  • It seems strange to not have any qualifying rides for LEL with so many DNF's last time and the over subscription. I'll be a little bitter if I don't get a place as I've been an AUK member for quite a while but just let it lapse most years for a few months.

  • I mean i could play the BAME card

  • But i am taking this as a sign from allah

  • Can I play the entitled white man card? It would be unfair to deny me the place as society has systematically given the white man what he wants. Emotionally I think it is only fair.

  • 100% fair

  • Yeah no joy on the ballot for me either. Seems weird that the next opportunity to enter is Jan 2021.

  • So if you are on the excel spreadsheet list you are guaranteed entry to 2021? How do you claim the entry if so?

  • In the absence of any other info I’m gonna assume it will be down to who’s the quickest.

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LEL 2021 / London - Edinburgh - London Audax

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