WANTED: Single Speed Commuter

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  • My daily commuter got stolen last night :( so now in need of a replacement as I cycle to work daily. Looking for something relatively low cost as I have weekend rider that's too nice for commuting! so basically after someone who has a beater lying around that they wouldn't mind some cash for

  • Sorry to hear about the theft!

    What size are you after?

    I have this complete singlespeed that I have just put together.

    The frame is is a 56cm square (ctc), made out of Camus steel tubes in France.
    This will be suitable for someone around 5ft10 - 178cm, give or take a few cms.

    What have I got in it? About £90

    Fitted Giant Cro-Mo forks and headset (eBay £25 - headset is now BSA)
    New Singlespeed chainring bolts (£3.50)
    New Retro Rivet Saddle (£5)
    New KMC 1/8th Track chain (£5)
    New singlespeed wheelset (£50)
    New 18t Dicta freewheel (£5)

    Loads of new parts and also, brake pads & tyres are good so you can cycle for for a while without spending anything.

    Brakeset is Spidel (made by Mafac) LSX2 - which some people think they are "rare".


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  • Thanks for your response Vince! In my despair I completely forgot to mention the size I'm after. Sadly I think it will be too small as I stand at about 6'2, would need a bigger frame sadly

  • I am working on another project that would fit.

    58cm Bernard Carré.

    I was going to go geared but could easily turn it into a singlespeed as I have all the parts.

    Price would be £245.
    New tyres, new cables, new Planet X singlespeed kit (tensioner & cassette spacer kit), new bar tape (you can choose the colour)

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  • That could work, how much would you want for the setup as SS?

  • Added to previous post!

    Price would be £245.

    New tyres, new cables, new Planet X singlespeed kit (tensioner & cassette spacer kit), new bar tape (you can choose the colour), new pedals

  • Thanks Vince. This is a bit above my budget :( my max budget is £150 (I like to abuse my commuter_

  • I have one of these in 55cm - I'm 5'11 and there's plenty of scope for sizing it up. It's got flat bars currently but also have the original stem and drops which I can throw in :)
    I'd let it go for £150 to avoid the bother of setting up a classifieds ad

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  • I can work on price if the spec is different.

    Used Carrera wheelset (black) with used tyres, no chain tensioner, unbranded saddle, entry level bar tape.


    I can have it ready Saturday AM

  • Hey Quincy - what is it? I couldn't quite work out from the pics!

  • Sorry! Should have mentioned that! It's a Gary Fisher Trek Triton.
    Cr-mo frame & fork. Eyes for rear rack. 2 sets of bottle cage bosses

  • Definitely interested Quincy - concerned about the size though, quite a lot smaller than I ride. Where abouts are you based? Wondering if a try out is possible

  • Got a Langster in Oxford if you're interested.

  • Got this 58cm for £100
    Bruised and chipped but solid!
    Let me know

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  • Got this gazelle track
    59cc 57tt
    Singlespeed wheelset

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WANTED: Single Speed Commuter

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