• I have moved to Leeds and this no longer gets use. It's covered less than 500 miles and is in excellent shape. Never crashed; no structural damage or cracks, and is in mighty fine condition. The fork is factory drilled.

    I'm getting a feel for the interest on LFGSS, otherwise I will sell elsewhere.

    I am happy to split, prices below:

    • Frameset + Dolan carbon seatpost + Alpina Headset + Seatpost clamp: £350
    • Sugino 75 DD 170mm + Sugino MB608-ǁ BB + Zen 48t + bolts: £230
    • American Classic 420 Aero Wheelset + DA15t + Mavic Yukison Elite tyres: £325

    The Seta is an absolute dream to ride and is every bit as fast as it looks. It kicks the shit out of the Pre Cursa I had previously.

    I am happy to post the crankset, but the rest will be collection only, from Leeds or London as I travel down couple times a month.

    Cash is king, so serious dibs only. Time wasters are the scorn of the earth.


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  • Photos below!

    • Drive side
    • Non-drive side
    • Cranks
    • Blemishes.

    Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGq4n0RI­8Bk&t=11s

  • Very nice

  • See attached photographs - Drive side

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  • See attached photographs - Non-drive side

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  • See attached photographs - Crankset

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  • See attached photographs - Minor Blemishes

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  • I plan to split this and list on eBay by the weekend if there is no interest

  • Everything is now on eBay
    Plus some other bits

  • What’s the link for the listing?

  • I won't post the link as it's against forum rules. Just search eBay, you'll find it.

  • Did you sell the wheels already?

  • Yep, wheels gone mate

  • What cog is that? and is the frameset sold?

  • Everything now sold


FS: Dolan Seta 58cm - Sugino 75 Direct Drive 170mm - Zen 48t - American Classic 420 Aero wheelset [Everything now SOLD]

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