Saracen MTB, Courier Comp, Puch 20” and various other bikes.

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  • Really enjoying this thread - your ride photos are lovely and make me want to get out on some bridlepaths and trails.
    Bikes all looking great - keep up the good work

  • Found myself taking influence from all the cool-cats across the pond as far as aesthetics go with my Muddy Fox.

    I managed to get a roll of the CampAndGoSlow “Easten Rattler” snakeskin style bar tape.
    I’ve also been considering pushing the boat out and picking up some Nitto RM-3 handlebars with more flare and more width than the current ones I have. Who knows if that serves any purpose other than Instagram clout.

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  • To fender or to not fender..

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  • Looks awesome but with that clearance it depends if you're planning on taking it offroad at all!

  • Yeah for sure needs smaller tyres, those don’t actually turn. Couldn’t resist trying them on together

  • fenders and full blu lug wanker imo, the colour of that is great!

  • That was my plan! Sometimes you just need a push to get the ball rolling. Thanks!

    The colour is my favourite part, it was originally the same as this but has faded a crazy amount.

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  • the fading is good, it's like mint stone chip ice cream

  • Camp.And.Go.Slow barrage arrived, it’s more padded than I expected it would be which is nice! I’m somewhat colourblind and I’m now wondering if it might be a bit dark to work with the faded lime-green paint on the Muddy Fox.

    Lovely packaging though and it’s good for IG clout

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  • Not much progress, I’m finally back at work and earning money again which is cool. I’m also expecting my first child which is also pretty cool!

    So priorities are shifting again but I should still have time and a little money for bikes. Scored this great condition Brooks B66s saddle on eBay for next to nothing. It’s got a double rail for older style pillar clamps but I’m not to worried about that for now since it suits the style of build I wanted.

    Still toying with different handlebar ideas too.

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  • Placed some orders on eBay, Freshtripe and Wizard Works over the weekend, which should make the MuddyFox rideable (including some SimWorks tyres and some funky accessories for that BlueLugWanker vibe.)

    In other news I put a larger crate on the Puch, I do have a 50L Basil crate in the post, though I’m not sure what bike that’ll go on. I then picked up a free chair for the staff room in the barbershop.

    Hopefully I’ll have more exciting content soon!

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  • Nice looking bikes and lovely photos dude. Fully support the bluelugwankerism on the muddyfox as well. Would yellow brake cable housings be too much?

  • Thanks dude!

    Hopefully yellow cables will be fine because they’re what I ordered.

  • Where do I begin?

    After receiving plenty of parcels all week I finally had time to throw a couple of the new parts onto the MuddyFox. It’s really starting to take shape, just waiting on brakes and a couple of handlebar options because I’m still not sure what to go for.

    • Stridsland chainring
    • Simworks SuperYummy tyres 26x2.22
    • Simworks John Cage
    • Widefoot Litre Cage
    • Nalgene glow in the dark litre bottle
    • Nitto R14-2 rear rack
    • Velo Orange kickstand
    • Wald 139 Large basket
    • Safety Pizza

    Everything is loosely thrown on just so I can get an idea but I’m pretty pleased! The bars fitted are stolen from my Puch but I’m not gonna run them. Hopefully get better pics soon!

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  • There's something very satisfying about how well the rear mudguard fits underneath the wishbone seatstay. Looks great, equal parts rad & gentlemanly with the springy brooks

  • Whole thing looks ace already, love the double kickstand, looks mean!

  • I’m still not decided on what handlebars I’m going to run, these Ergotec ones arrived yesterday but are a slightly rounder shape than I anticipated.


    I think I’m going to pick up some of the Simworks ‘Bubbly’ pedals, and either swap out the saddle or seatpost for ones that work together since this keeps slipping. (Seatpost is for modern single rail saddles but saddle is old school double rail)

    Also mounted a 50L Basil crate on the Puch for maximum haulage capacity.

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  • both lovely choices,

    i would keep the swept bars if you plan on keeping the saddle, and the drops if you swap the saddle out to something slimmer, modern/sporty, going to look very good whatever choice you make tho!

  • It’s been a while!

    A month ago my wife and I welcomed the birth of our first son, so I’ve been pretty busy and a little strapped for cash.

    Today I took the Muddy Fox for it’s first short ride since “finishing” it, it isn’t fast but it’s not as sluggish as I thought it would be. You’ll have to forgive the saddle angle, I kept sliding off the front lol.
    I ended up removing the fenders and moving the basket to the front, and sticking with the swept back bars. I would still quite like to try out a drop bar set up but this will do for now.

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  • Did a nice 5 mile shakedown after work today, initial impressions are the back wheel is ever so slightly buckled, the bike is comfy as hell and the Simworks Super Yummy tyres have sweet grip on the mud, loose gravgrav and wet leaves, and roll nice on the road. Proper happy

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Saracen MTB, Courier Comp, Puch 20” and various other bikes.

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