Saracen MTB, Courier Comp, Puch 20” and various other bikes.

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  • Hey, I’m Connor and I’ve been lurking on these forums since my mid teens, this is my first post so go easy on me. I’m 23 now and I’ve been cycling the short commute to my workplace for the last few years on my beaten up Peugeot.

    It cost me £30 and has had a couple of makeovers, but nothing wild.

    A few months ago I saw this tired LOOK KG241 frameset on eBay, cheap and in my size. It’s Carbon, with aluminium lugs. I’m not really sure what the plan is. I’ll probably build it up so it functions, and change it up over time.

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  • I threw some parts I had laying around on it for motivation. I think i’ll stick with the black parts theme, and keep the drops.

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  • Cheap, heavy No-Logo wheels added. I don’t know how long they’ll last but they look sporty.

    (Excuse the lack of a door handle)

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  • You gonna go fixed / single speed?

  • Maybe for the time being. I’m supposed to be saving for my wedding next year, so cool carbon bits and group sets might have to wait for now.

  • I love my KG241. Plain old Ultegra and Ksyriums, but a lovely ride.

  • I got some shimano 9 or 10 speed shifters and cassettes if you need gears ;-) for cheap.

  • I’ll sell you the Campagnolo 9 speed group that came on my KG241 if you want. Seems fitting! £80 for a fellow Look aficionado­28/#comment14825694

  • Me again.

    Decided to leave the cheap SS wheels and chuck them on the Peugeot, along with some bigger badder bars. Nice and comfy and better for my wrists.

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  • Looks fun, could really do with a front brake though!

  • Rear shifter is a nice touch.

  • Small update time.

    Recently me and my missus sold our 3rd floor flat and bought a 60s detached house which came with both a garage and a shed, things I’ve had to live without for a long time. This means I now have actual space for bikes and tools!

    Speaking of bikes, the Peugeot is still the crusty commuter, but I’ve put the old wheels back on it and gone back to the Nitto risers, and a front brake.

    The Look is slowly being pieced together with black parts and is looking sporty.

    And I jumped on the retro MTB trend and picked up a limited edition 1998 Saracen Savage frameset. The brightest of green, made from “7005 series heat treated oversize aluminium with custom clearance chainstays”.

    So far I’ve just chucked on some silver Kalloy Uno bars and stem, and I have the matching seatpost.

    The plan is 1x gearing and silver parts with black saddle and grips. Originally it would’ve had a yellow stem and yellow brakes.

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  • Ha, this is great.

    Saracen looks promising too.

  • Minor update whilst waiting for some parts to arrive.

    Missed out on some mavic wheels with Shimano Deore XT hubs in 8x last night which is a shame, but today I fitted a Shimano bottom bracket and some V brakes I had hidden in my cheapo parts box. Also tried the saddle and seatpost on the frame, just waiting on a clamp so I can fit them properly.

    Also currently waiting for:

    Shimano Deore XT cranks and 1x ring, XT 8x rear derailleur and XT Trigger shifter you match up.

    First time fitting V brakes on a bike since me and my dad used to build up BMXs when I was a kid, nostalgic.

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  • 3 promising projects. Loved the look of the Pug on the deep wheels with the higher bars. Looked great fun.

    Keep the updates coming.

  • Thanks dude! The big bars will probably make a return, perhaps alongside some fenders and a proper rack? It’s the ideal pub bike in the flat city of Norwich.

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  • Update - saddle, seatpost, brakes, cranks (not 100% on the green ring) , gear shifter, derailleur, mavic wheels, Velo orange fenders all fitted.

    Still need to source and fit a cassette + chain, finish the cabling, trim the fender stays, adjust saddle height etc.

    I think long term i’m probably going to add some racks and probably some sort of different stem/handlebar set up.

    Let me know your thoughts/criticisms please, I’ve never built a mtb, or installed gears, or fenders.


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  • It looks awesome already, lovely overall. I have a sweet spot for Saracens though, so I might be biased. :)

  • Thank you mate! Love some of the bikes on your thread.

  • Hello, I just signed up because I saw this. I have just started my first refurb and it just so happens to be a savage. I used to own one 20 years or so ago. Do you have any tips for a novice?

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  • Nice man! To be honest with you this is my first MTB so it’s mostly new to me. I bought the frame and fork without any parts so there was no wrestling with headsets or the BB. Good luck with the build!

  • Connor, I’m getting stuck 8n to this one now. Would you by any chance know the size/type of bottom bracket required? I want to replace it but I can’t see any writing on it!

  • I’d definitely go for some more swept bars on that Saracen and a nice front rack or basket! Looks really good!

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Saracen MTB, Courier Comp, Puch 20” and various other bikes.

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