I've been frame(d) building

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  • From the photos looks like went on to braze on the dropouts on the fork.

    And then for maybe my finest moment. I drilled the blade for internal routing for dynamo wiring. With the holes being on different planes of the fork and with quite a lot of rake it was a right pig. I spent 15 minutes not being able to feed the internal tube more than 2 inches. I thought I had without a doubt fucked it. Some how with lots of wiggling and sweating I managed to get it fed through the second hole. I was chuffed to say the least.

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  • A much easier routing for brakes and holes for bottle mounts.

    Then brazed the blades into the crown. Even with the jig I need to do some cold setting to get the wheel central. That is apparently normal or maybe the book is just being nice.

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  • On the fork I used a brake mount from ceeway and thought to make it match would use the same on the rear. It was never going to fit so I made this wonderfully agricultural one. Planning to change it when I have more time.

    Without a proper jig I sourced an old rotor and caliper. I didn't think the caliper looked up to the job so used the real thing. I was pretty nervous about putting my new expensive wheels in the firing line but without any other options I went for it. In the end it was fine for the quick tack. I removed the wheels to blob on as much brass as possible.

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  • Added the necessary braze ons for all your touring needs as well as drilling my bottle cage holes on the piss.

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  • Missed out the step where I attached front and rear. I managed to get head tube and seat tube bang on inline. And the correct angle between down tube and seat tube. After brazing it had slackened off a degree. Bit annoying but it was still all nice and plane. Maybe should have taken it apart and re done it but didn't fancy trying with the deadline. The bike has a pretty slack head angle now, looks like an early mtb now which i'm not totally against.

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  • Nice read! Keep it up

  • Thank you!

  • Awesome work, really coming together. I like your fixturing setups, always look simple and effective.

  • Thanks! It was really useful having the extrusion. Can be reconfigured for different uses and although a little fiddly to set up a good way to do it without dropping a lot of cash on a more professional set up.

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I've been frame(d) building

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