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  • Hi I am selling a brand new 58cm bowman palace R frame.

    This one is a warranty replacement. Its an amazing bike which I've been riding for past 18 months. Super lightweight fast and aggressive frame. Going for a custom steel frame and seems like a good point to sell a brand new frame rather than building it up.

    The forks that come with it are those off my original frameset so have been cut (i was running a 5mm spacer under stem.) but in great condition. I can check clearance if requested. Comes with headset, clamp and frame protectors.

    I am looking for £650 I am based in south london so can meet locally or can discuss postage as its still in the box. Any further questions please let me know.

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  • Price Drop £630 ono

  • Bit pricey I think - they seem to have a bit of a reputation for cracking, so buying one without a warranty is a bit of a risk. Nice frameset though, glws

  • Still on an original Palace, ridden the shit out of it without any issues, know a few guys with Palace Rs that have raced them hard and zero issues reported

  • comments taken guys, Its been an amazing bike for the past couple of years and the warranty on the previous one was the front derailleur hanger was slightly misaligned (not something I'd noticed having built it up myself). Personally I haven't heard of any cracking but can't comment on it myself!

    Price drop to £600

  • If it was my size I’d be taking your arm off

  • Could try popping it in a hot wash? lol

  • Price drop £550

  • Price Drop to £525

  • Still for Sale Price Drop to £480 and open to offers

  • Still just sitting in the box in the flat. Price drop to £450 or make me an offer!

  • Hello Sir, writing from the US. Do you still have this frame? I am interested in it. Would not be in a position to buy it till later this month, if it is still available. If we can agree on a price, and you are willing to ship it accross the pond, I would pay for the shipping.😋🚴♂️

  • I've DM'd you about it. It is still available



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