• Part of my clearout, here we have my old racing bike, a Specialized Langster built with the following:

    • Miche Primato wheelset w/ sealed bearing hubs
    • Stronglight 165mm crankset
    • Specialized Saddle
    • Specialized Stem 90mm
    • Specialized handlebars 40cm wide
    • Planet x seatpost
    • FSA brake caliper

    Quite lightweight and has a whole load of life left. I built this up for my misses to ride fixed but it never happened.

    Collection can be arranged from either Stratford, Plaistow or Islington. No posting I'm afraid. Open to offers, please contact for questions, etc.

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  • More pictures

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  • Dibs. But will you ship to France? If not at least I tried

  • Sugar, sorry man, afraid not, completely forgot to put down collection details.

  • Adding some more pictures from its more glamorous days! <3

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  • Tuesday price drop - £10 off

  • Good price!

    Random, I think I took a pic of you at red hook crit a few years back - or someone who looks a hell of a lot like you...


    I'm actually interested in the Langster too if it is still available- don't suppose pedals are included?

  • Dibs if it's still available!

  • Hahahaa, yes that is me! :D What a horrible day that was but still, an incredible event! :)

    And yes, everything in the picture par the dog.

    PM Coming your way,

  • Bargain. This is a 2010 btw.

  • Hey I could be interested in this too :)

  • Thank you @bikes_knob :)

    @Ronnie and @tcw please pm me if you want to discuss.

    I am moving out super soon so would be grateful, thank you!

  • Dibs pending collection time. I can get there for about 6-7 pm but need confirmation as it’s a long drive for me. Possibly tomorrow best now depending on how soon I get reply. Thanks.

  • 8 days ago 🤔 then says a dibs 3 days ago beats me.

  • Couldn’t upload photo of deal arranged a week ago. Good luck everyone.

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  • Darren, I can understand your frustration. I can only apologise. We had a deal for last Friday (6th) but you bailed on me due to some personal things. I accepted it and told you I will wait, bearing in mind that at the time, no one had dibs on the bike and we were merely messaging. Now, after the weekend, someone else dibs on it. That isn't my fault.

    I believe it to be forum rules that if someone dibs on something that they have priority. Please, someone, tell me if I am wrong.

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  • Your words:

    I understand you will have to let it go if someone else comes with cash

    Don't think you needed to air this out on the thread, things happen you delayed he found someone else.

  • Hey, no hard feelings, I was just pissed off because I’d been waiting for reply’s since weekend, seller just went quiet when I was willing to come and collect. Get on with it lol.

  • Let’s be realistic though cash > dibs and pm’s

  • Unfortunately, this has now sold. Sorry to all who dibs'd.


SOLD: £190 - Specialized Langster Pro 2008 RED Small/Medium (52cm w/48cmST)

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