Condor No2 - Bill Hurlow 1959.

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  • Non original paint work in fairly decent order which I am probably going to live with and will slowly find period parts to suit.
    More photographs when it arrives as attached are sellers.

  • Interesting Condor catalogues -

  • Very nice. What size is that 22"?
    What's your plan ?

  • Thanks. Not arrived yet, seller had it at 21.5".
    Going to give the current paint some TLC and then build it up when I manage to find period ish parts.
    Hurlow frames are meant to be great.

  • Started a thread on RB which has resulted in queries on the age of the frame but research I've done all points to it being 59'­ic.php?f=23&t=402172

  • You beat me to this by a few seconds! I saw it relisted with the forks and instantly clicked 'Buy it now' to find it already sold.
    My plans were to build it with an Arabesque groupset, Campgnolo Tipo hubs, change the top tube cable guides back to side mounted, refinish in a similiar blue and try and find period correct decals. Do Condor supply theses?

    My initial thoughts were that the seatpost bolt, top tube guides, bottle cage mounts,Shimano BB guides and dropouts were all modifications done by Argos when it was refinished. But now i'm not so sure on some of these. The BB guides and cage mounts are definitely additions.

  • I've emailed Argos to see whether they still hold records from when it was repainted (late 70s - early 80s according to seller) with a view to finding out if/what modifications they completed at the time of the repaint.

  • Argos have got back to me already but unfortunately don't hold records for the relevant time of repaint. They have asked for photos to see the modifications which could have been completed at the time.

  • Quite a bit of buzz about it on retrobike. I wonder why some people on there reply with such a dismissive-feeling tone? Still, if it helps fill in some of the blanks then it’s all good.

    I guess if you ever strip the paint off, it’ll uncover any changes. You’ll probably see some kind of trace left behind if there was originally more detail on that seat lug.

  • If your on about roadking he is a theif and a fraud. I reported him to the police as he stole from me once and ripped me off another time. He is a first class bell end.

  • Frame arrived today.

    The H/T badge has the number of Grays Inn Rd obscured /ground out which is odd

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  • Another

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  • The lugs are a superb example of craftsmanship

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  • Non drive side and looks like an oil port filled

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  • H/T and D/T

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  • The brazing is exceptionally clean.

  • Extremely odd, who or why would you go to that much trouble to conceal only part of the address.
    What you going to do about wheels, does it take 27 1 1/4 or sprints, I'm assuming it wasn't built for 26" rims?

  • Quite a bit of buzz about it on retrobike. I wonder why some people on there reply with such a dismissive-feeling tone? Still, if it helps fill in some of the blanks then it’s all good.

    I did find it a bit odd myself.

  • Crown

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  • I've only got a spare set of 27" and it looks like 27" is going to be good, What are your thoughts?

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  • A while back i was looking into an old condor from Hilary Stone.

    I did go into Condor as i wanted to see the Pista and Tempo. And was debating about just going modern 1 1/8" and forgetting about 1" head tube.

    Anyways... in the basement showroom they have several old frames and history on display.
    Get chatting and Condor will refurb old frames and do supply Decals as well.

    Well worth contacting them, and if your London based anyway maybe drop in with the frame.

    A possible guess on the headtube badge.... although it might not sit well with the brand image, with out looking into the dates.... maybe it was a case of using up old stock badges after the shop had moved down the road so 49-53 Grays Inn used to be Number 90 so maybe to save money they just erased the number...

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Condor No2 - Bill Hurlow 1959.

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