Rhine - Basel to Strasbourg

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  • Advice request. So we're starting the planning for the annual cycle trip. And the Rhine has been proposed. Staring is Basel and ending in Strasbourg. Has anyone done this? Thoughts? Recommendations?


  • I rode on the Rhine cycling route (eurovelo whatever) from Basel to Breisach. It's nicely maintained and very flat, beautiful landscape. Not sure how long you want your trip to be, even with a stop in Freiburg, it'll most likely be only 2 days.

    Thinking about it, visiting Freiburg would probably be nice (I've never been personally, but my mates from Basel like it). Neuf-Brisach is interesting if you're into military/urban planning, but quite small.

  • The Rhine itself is fairly dull along that stretch. From Strasbourg to Mulhouse I'd stick to the foot of the Vosges, around Colmar/Ribeauville/Molsheim.
    Two days ride in the other direction up the Rhine you get to Schaffhausen and the Rhine falls, which are worth a look.

  • Excellent thanks @Five-Hats and @slothy. I've found this:


    Which a pretty good.

  • I did most of the rhine route a couple of years ago and can definitely say the most boring bit was the stretch you mention

    I was on the French side: it's lots of dead straight riding alonside canals, looks pretty for a few minutes but rapidly becomes very dull

    Maybe the German side is better...

  • I cycled from the Scottish Borders to Basel this summer, via the Hull ferry.

    That section of the Rhine is honestly the worst - I ended up covering the whole section in a day as I wanted to get it over with. It's often very exposed which is miserable if it's hot, and you are often on raised gravel paths with either boring woods on both sides, or woods and the Rhine.

    The only section I found interesting was this bit. I cycled on the German side of the Rhine, I'm not sure the French side is any different (just read the comment above, seems not!).

    Also it's worth noting that there were a number of construction projects along that section, which involved a number of badly sign-posted diversions. I had originally planned to cycle this had I managed to get my bike more off-road worthy by the time I started my trip.

    TLDR that's the worst bit, honestly, don't bother. The section between Hoek/Rotterdam and Koblenz was the best bit!

  • Here are a few pictures from that section Never mind, upload not playing ball. I didn't really take many as it was so dull

  • I had originally planned to cycle this

    That looks brutal.

    Also it does get very hot down on the plain, with not much cover and not a lot of opportunity for stopping for refreshments either. It's a lot nicer for scenic villages and vineyards and food shops up the Alsace wine route. On the German side you can go through the Black Forest but you end up further from the river and it's harder to pick a sensible route without going a long way out of your way.

  • I started the trip when the heat wave struck - it wasn't as bad as when I started, where it was 41 degrees in Holland, but it was still low 30s, high humidity and hard going. I was really surprised at how few amenities there were along that section of the route. I was low on water the entire time.

  • My mate and I did Strasbourg to Basel mostly following the Rhine a couple of weeks back, was v v wet all day and not much in the way of interesting scenery. If there’s a better route would be worthwhile taking that one

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Rhine - Basel to Strasbourg

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