pre-aero Trek Madone

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  • What size stem is that?

  • Oh nice, what did you get? Stem is 110mm

  • I went from a focus size 56 then bought a Trek sl8 Emonda size 54 and dropped weight from 8.6kg focus cayo evo to 7kg in the Emonda same wheels and groupset.

  • Lovely build, it looks very fast

  • excellent and the most common HHSRB pics feature; cross-chaining

  • was wondering who would be the first to bring that up πŸ˜…

  • lovely build, long and low is fire

  • I think about this bike an inordiante amount. still brilliant. Any update photos?

  • Me too I just love the old treks . this project was my envy I'm on my 3rd trek project . My lastest a trek Madone 4.7 with 105 groupset and bontranger RXL wheels 7.6kg .

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  • I'm still really enjoying it! Not a lot has changed since I last posted, I got some Aerolink calipers to match the rest of the group (it had the older Red calipers on before). Will take some proper photos at some point!

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  • πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ love it such an Andy Schleck vibe

  • Nice build!

    Not sure if i missed that, but whats the weight eventually?

  • About 7.2kg according to my bathroom scales, although I can’t vouch for their accuracy. Feels crazy light to me anyway!

  • Khalid, that's a fantastic bike! Love the SRAM group!
    You've mentioned previuosly that the frame size is 56cm right? Just out of curiousity, how tall are you? I'm hesitating whether to get a 56 or 58 frame myself.


  • @AeroZi11 thanks! I'm 5' 10 and the 56 fits me great, although with the h1 geometry it's a pretty aggressive fit (the head tube is only 140mm, and I'm running a 15mm headset cover). If you like it low and long it's great, otherwise you might want to go for the h2 geometry version which has a taller head tube, they're a lot more common on the used market as well.

  • Thanks s lot for your response.
    I'm 5'12 with 34" inseam. I'm hesitating whether to get H1 or H2 Geometry, 56 or 58.

    Just an unbiased observation of LA bike. He's your height and yet rides 58cm SSL. I believe he rode a custom made frame with a smaller head tube, cause his bike doesn't look like 58cm to me :/ Maybe I'm wrong.

    Overall, do you think that 58cm is way too big for 5'12?


  • LA 58cm Frame

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  • 56cm H2

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  • 58cm H1

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  • Looks more like 58mm to me.

  • H2 is a bit hybrid. Get a H1 and do some yoga.

  • Yeah tbh I don't really know about Armstrong, I think he's a bit of an outlier fit-wise. Andy Schleck for example is 6ft 1 and rode a 58 with a negative-rise stem. Contador rode a 56, and he's around the same height as me I think

  • whoops - double post.

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  • Go 56 and H2 and a 110mm /1200 stem. H1 looks like a neck ache.

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pre-aero Trek Madone

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