FS: HUGE 3XL Canyon Endurace frame, fork and seatpost ( Sold )

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  • Skinny tyres just aren't my thing, so this will only end up sitting on the turbo trainer. Probably a limited market for super tall mamils, but maybe somebody needs a massive Winter bike

    I've only ridden it in the dry, and it's got just under 1500 miles on it. The paint/anodising looks pretty much as new, with no chips or scratches that I can see*

    £250 £225 £215 £210 £205 £200 £195 £190 + postage in the UK Sold ( including carbon seatpost and headset )

    *edit - upon removing the front wheel, there's a scratch under the fork crown, most likely from a small stone picked up on the tyre

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  • Geometry

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  • Some more photos

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  • .

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  • Thanks for those Bare.

    The last photo seems to show what could be a crack or bit of muck under the fork?

  • I'll get a more close up shot of that, but as best as I can make out, a stone has been carried up on the tyre and scratched the lacquer. Must have been very slight, as nothing ever got stuck in there

    Deffo not a crack, or it wouldn't be for sale :-)

  • Skinny tyres

    Doesn't look too skinny, what tyres are on it in that first pic?

  • what tyres are on it in that first pic?

    28mm Duranos, which were about 28.5mm on a 18mm internal rim

    Here's a close up of the scratch

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  • Now £225 + postage

  • Now £215 + postage

  • Just out of interest, how tall are you? I think my rather large friend may be in the market...

  • I'm 6'7"/2m, but relatively short in the leg. Canyon recommend 1.97m and above, which seems about right to me.

  • Will also be selling the shifters, cranks, brakes and rear mech.

  • Hi there BareNecessities,
    Where are you based?
    I'm interested in a little test ride if possible?
    Are you asking for £215 for the complete bike now (+postage)


  • How much for the lot incl f+f?

  • Sorry, the bike is disassembled now. The price is for the frame, fork, seatpost and headset

  • The rear mech and brakes have gone now. Will pm you

  • Presumably the forks have an uncut steerer?

  • There must be at least 300mm of it

  • Now £210 + postage, for frame, forks, seatpost and bottle cages

  • Now £205 + postage

  • Can you chuck in a ladder?

  • Ladder, stilts, human growth hormone

    Take your pick

  • Now £200 + postage

  • Now £195 + postage

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FS: HUGE 3XL Canyon Endurace frame, fork and seatpost ( Sold )

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