• Hi all,

    I am after a black Miche Supertype seatpost in 27.2mm for my long term Pinkarello build.

    I currently have a silver one that is in good condition so happy to do a straight swap if yours is in a similar condition.

    Cheapest I can find in the UK is £45 brand new:

    I also noticed that all Cinelli Vigorelli steel bikes are coming with a black one so there should be plenty around...

    (and for those who will inevitably troll this thread because that seatpost is supposedly prone to breaking, I will not use the bike so will not be breaking it)

  • Hi Vince, you still looking for one of these? If so shoot me a pm as I have one going spare.

  • All sorted now, thanks @GreatSince78!


FOUND Miche Supertype 27.2mm Seatpost in Black to buy or swap (for a silver one I have) FOUND

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