Aende 80's Racer FOR SALE

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  • I Have an 80's Aende racer for sale, I have heard these bikes are sort after.
    So am looking for someone who has been hunting for one for a while. message me if interested.

  • Not really how it works, but I'd like to find out a bit more, but in the thread if you'll oblige?

    Any photos, sizing or price info?


  • There's an Aende FB page, they seem to be sort after around the East Mids as many people knew Alan 'Pongo' who built them. I'd be interested. I already own one and went to the shop dozens of times. Prices vary from reasonable to ridiculous (eBay) which don't sell.

  • More details please

  • here is side shot

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  • There is a fair amount of cosmetic damage in terms of paint chips and wear.
    However I am in two minds about getting the frame restored by a company local to me that specialise in painting bikes.

  • Do you have a price in mind?

    Also and rough sizing info?

  • Top tube length 56cm, Seat post to bb 58cm,
    Handlebars and stem Cinelli
    Gear levers, brakes, hubs, chainset front derailleur are Campagnolo
    wheels are Mavic

  • Im not sure on the price, I have had a few offers of £500 pounds.
    However this bike doesn't have that much value to me, as I believe Aende's are a sentiment due to their creator.
    Having said that I was not sure on the Authenticity of the offers as I am still waiting to hear back from them.

  • Ok thanks

    Not for me ta


  • It's a slightly later frame and not one his earlier "drilled to an inch of their life with fag paper wheel clearences" so not my cup of tea. I'd take the £500 as that's more than top end.......

  • like i say im not after the most money from this frame, be happy to sell it for 350 if someones interested

  • I'm sure you would!

  • 300 on collection to whomever wants it, otherwise i might just strip down and sell separately

  • some of the more gittish of you gave this guy a somewhat hard time (yes, I know, the fishing...). The bike is with me and it has some really nice things about it, not least the Aende trademark drilling of just about all of the lugs (perhaps next time use the magnifying tool too). Anyway, here are a couple of pics, with current 6speed record wheels and the 9speed Tunes that will go on it; oh, and a lug too.

  • @ra1 Not really, he lied about offers to try and make a sale...

  • It's true I'm afraid. Once more into the pictures void (lfgss seems to love to lose pictures).

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  • nicey nice

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Aende 80's Racer FOR SALE

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