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  • Those Lifeline skewers have a hard plastic rather than brass concave washer that deforms if you do them up tight (i.e. you do them up). Leads to creaking and potentially worse. Definitely wouldnt use them again, and certainly not on a disc brake setup. Stick to internal-cam skewers (e.g. Shimano) unless you have a desperate need for something else.

  • Pictures are pretty low res for me too.
    Bike looks good though

  • Thanks guys! I'm gonna check up on the pics and resolution! :)

    I've been reading up on the quick release thing. I'll definitely go with the internal-cam solution and pass on the lightweight. I had no idea how important this was. QR's has been something i've always neglected. The ones i run now are absolutely horrible

    Thinking the Shimano XT's will do the job.

  • The bike looks great, the gold chain really sets it off!

  • Sums up my experience of them too, wouldn't buy them again.

  • Ordered a couple of these now. Cost half the price of 9100, and i'm pretty confident they will do the job

  • They will, best qrs ever.

  • …Then I'm a happy man! And they have that functional non-fancy look, so I'm sure they will compliment the bike greatly.

  • Great build mate, loving the Bike :)

  • Cheers!

    Lacking pictures in this thread, but i will snap some more in the weekend. I would like a carbon seat post for the frame. 27,2, 330mm setback. Black. If anyone has some cool stuff lying around, do please share :)

  • They're the only skewers I've actually paid money for. So they must be good because #hippyisalwaysright

  • I really love this bike

  • That colour... even the chain goddamit. Lovely thing that. Glad you haven't slammed the headset either.

  • QR on the drive side... wild

    love the colour

  • You'll have to excuse that skewer position.

    Thing rides lovely. Absolutely lovely.

  • I think a 6 degree stem would actually look better on this one. Looks great though

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Brian Rourke 853 - All Road

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