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  • Hi everyone

    I've been meaning to start up a thread for this project for quite some time. The build up has been evolving slowly, yet i'm getting there. Starting up a conversation in here might help me push myself the last bit of way. This build also contains a couple of new challenges for me. I've never cut, fitted and bled hydro brakes, and never mounted a couple of tubeless tires. Instead of going the easy way around this project with mechanical discs and clinchers with inner tubes, i will pop my learning curve and try it out.

    I bought this lovely frame here on lfgss a while ago, and intended it for touring and fun last summer. That never happened, since busy busy life got in the way. No loss though! This gave me more time to search components and track down good offers. Therefore this build has been rather "cheap". The frame is made of Reynolds 853 which i am very excited to try out! Paragon rockers, 44mm head tube and a RAL3012 "Millennial Pink" paint job . Forks are matching Whisky 7's

    The sizing is not quite spot on, naturally, since its custom made for another person. But the geometry is so close to my preferences that i had to try it out.

    I also found a pink King' headset which i think will go great together with the frame.

    The next big thing is the wheels. Pink CK hubs would do the trick. Thinking of buying a cheaper pair of 700c wheels for a temporary setup though as i want the build up and done. Prime or Fulcrum perhaps.

    Parts list so far
    Sram Red hydro brakes and levers
    Sram force 1x 50T cranks
    Sram rival long cage rear derraileur
    Zipp service course 42cm
    Thomson setback 27,2

    Needing cassette, stem and chain. Still not settled on tires. Was thinking WTB exposures or Gravelkings. Something in the range of 32-34mm.

    I will post more pictures soon. Next up will be fitting the headset!


  • Sounds cool! Subbed

  • Looking forward to this one

  • Really liked the look of this frame when it was for sale. Your build sounds well bling. Looking forward to it

  • I have a brand new SRAM 11-36 11 speed cassette for sale. £40 posted UK, if that's any good for you?

  • Cheers everyone! really loving this frame :)

    @jontea i've PM'ed you about the cassette. Appreciate it!

  • Had quite the hassle with the headset. Working now though. The crownrace was absurdly tight, so i had to give up with my homemade tools. A skilled local mechanic and the right tools did the job! Just thought id share som pics. Gonna take some better ones when i get the time :) Very happy with the result so far! #PinkKing

  • So its been a while! and heres a boring "I got all the parts now" update.. But now we're all set and ready to try this stuff out! Been looking forward to this for such a long time <3

    Final build list goes:

    Thomson x2 stem and Elite setback seat post both in black
    Tune King Kong hubs wheelset in black
    Sram red 22 Hydro levers and brakes
    Sram force 22 1x cranks
    Sram rival long caged rear mech
    Sram force cassette 36T
    Selle italia SLR titanium
    Zipp Service course wrapped with black lizardskin tape
    wtb exposure 34

    I've been pretty tempted to go with a front mech on the bike, but i'll try out the 1x drivetrain and see how it goes.

    I will begin the build up this weekend and post up the progress, failures and what not.. Hopefully, if everything goes as planned, take it out for a spin next week.

  • Cracking colours on this bike :)
    Look forward to seeing this coming together

  • Pretty!

  • Very nice. What size is it ?

  • Its a size 55 :) And thanks guys! It's friday, and i've got no other plans than this... Excuse the shitty lighting. Couldnt help myself

  • You’re gonna need some wheels

  • I quite like this detail

    Anyway. The 34mm Exposures seated almost perfectly on the rim (19mm inner width) with a bit of soapy water and a floor pump. No problems whatsoever. I added the sealant and they lost air over night. Pumped them up again the next day and they've held air ever since. Pretty smooth so far. Pumped them up to 5 bar (70psi) but might go lower depending on the conditions

    I bled the whole system yesterday. I started out by opening the bleed port screw on the caliber and the lever after disassembling, cutting and re-fitting the hose. Apparently there was still some (quite a lot) of dot fluid left in the champer of the caliber. After opening the bleed port on the lever it had created some sort of pressure which was then released and... Soaked my non-workshop floor and made a mess. Wasn't prepared for that

    The process of bleeding the actual brake system went smooth as butter though.

    Now i just need to adjust the rear mech, find some pedals, install bar tape and it's ready for the first test ride

  • Did the first test ride yesterday. Needles to say, the frame is brilliant. What a gorgeous ride.

    Still a a lot of improvements to be done. Gonna go for a longer stem, switch the crank arms for a different length and those sort of things. Other than that i think its ready to go to the woods!

    Quick pic of the temporary setup with a dodgy saddle position

  • That's a good looking bike

  • Aggressive salmon -nice!

  • Beautiful :)

  • Nice. What's up with the crank arm length?

  • That looks terrific. Great colour, then all minimal. The way to go imho.

  • Cheers everyone! :)

    I am also getting pretty excited about the first long test ride. The cranks was a pair of force 22's i had lying around from another project. They are 175, and need a pair of 172,5 for this one. Or at least that was my conclusion from the first couple of test rides.

    And brakes feel a tad squishy. Might have to bleed them again.

    Gearing works phenomenal. The Rival rear mech shifts smooth and silent

    A thru-axle upgrade is inevitable. But i am already over budget by miles on this thing, so it will have to wait.. :) If anyone has any good suggestions for a pair of quality QR skewers I'm all ears

  • Those lifeline jobbies on wiggle are ace for the money. I really like these.­wers

  • The answer is always shimano QR’s or any other closed cam skewer.

    Great bike, but pictures are very small and poor resolution (at least for me)

  • get a carbon seatpost on 'er and that's a banger

  • i'll check up on the Lifeline skewers, and thanks for the inputs guys! :)

    I haven't experienced any issues with the pictures on any of my devices? Thats a bit weird

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Brian Rourke 853 - All Road

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