Vintage road bike - Peugeot euipe

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  • Hi all,

    Does anyone know anything about this vintage road bike? My friend has one spare and is offering me it just to get it off his hands

    I’ve seen in some places vintage Peugeot bikes can be worth a fortune - I’ve even just seen some frames on sale for 400 odd quid!

    The frame itself needs a good bit of TLC. It’s a red equipe frame with horizontal drop outs - planning on adding a single speed wheelset to it

    It’s a full bike minus wheels just now

  • I’ve seen in some places vintage Peugeot bikes can be worth a fortune

    Some can be - as with any bike, it depends on what the frame is made from, when it was made, sometimes who it was made for, rarity (+ componentry) and condition. Don't get your hopes up or take it with a view to making a profit. Just take it, ride it, see if you like it and if so, keep it and have fun!

    Edit: Oh, and make sure it fits. Otherwise the fun wears off after a couple of miles!

  • I can tell you the Peugeot Equipe cost £105 brand new in 1985 from Halfords! My first road bike, loved it... I was certainly no expert when I was 13 but "103 Carbolite" AFAIK isn't the highest spec tubing in the world, it was definitely one of Peugeot's budget models, so I'd be surprised if a well-used example was worth much.

  • Take it and have fun. Sheldon Brown had good things to say about Carbolite tubing, by being thick tubing meant it is tough. Cheap Peugeots can be beautiful with a bit of TLC. Don't spend a lot on it. Put up a wanted ad here for the wheels, someone will probably have something lying around to help.

  • Cheers. I have a perfectly good working mango single speed I’ve had for years but I hate the look of it these days! Looking for something a bit more ‘mature’

    Just don’t know if it’s worth the hassle. It’s a full bike minus wheels, so would it just need a new single speed wheelset added onto it (with a correct size chain) and I’d be good to go?

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Vintage road bike - Peugeot euipe

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