Hybrid Theory - GT Legacy 1x10 shopper/general pootler

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  • That is a real cool looking little bike, well done

  • Rad. Why did you even have to ask this?

    What cranks and gears did you go for in the end?

  • I spoiled myself and went for new 1x10 deore.

    No ‘guards it is then ;)
    Part of me wants to swap bars/stem/post for black. Headset is stupid 1 1/4” size which makes finding a stem trickier unless I got ahead converter...

  • unless I got ahead converter...

    Ah, you might struggle with that. I think the Nitto MT Column is the only 1 1/4" converter - which is $$$$$ if you can even find one in stock anywhere. There are lots of 1 1/4" stems and they're not too expensive, but they're almost all for 25.4mm bars. I got lucky because my stem had a separate top cap, so I used the top cap, wedge and bolt to make an ahead adaptor myself. I got a length of 1 1/8" alloy tube with the same ID as the step on the top cap and machined the end for the wedge: https://www.lfgss.com/comments/14541583/­

  • Now that’s damned clever, alas I don’t have tooling to hand to sort that even tho it’s pretty straightforward.
    Problem I’ve got with existing 1 1/4 stems is that they’re generally pretty darn long, especially nice retrogrouch mtb ones. GT is ace but the tt is pretty long compared with the st. 25.4 doesn’t phase me, the original risers do seem v narrow to me but that could be that I’ve got used to modern mtb width over the last year.
    There’s nowt wrong with the stem I’ve got, I just kinda fancy black on black. Will keep an eye out tho.

  • Shit pic(will take some tomorrow when I go for a ride) but it’s finished :)

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  • Looks good . Glad I didn’t sell mine as riding it every day. Similar set up as yours but single speed. Bar angle is off in this.

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  • What pedal straps(apart from restrap) is everyone using these days? I’m still on my og forum JOL Gurney straps on my other bikes but need a pair for this one.

  • Yours is hawt @T0mg, tempted to put a pair of bars on with a touch more sweep on them but will give it a few day rides first.

  • Sorry to threadjack @edmundro but what bars are these? They look like a good shape and decently wide which is always a plus.

  • They’re north road bars off eBay . They’re not too wide but by no means narrow. I’m used to riding rather ride bars but these are most comfortable.

  • Thanks. I'll look them up!

  • I never got round to posting any finished pics of this but as I fitted my Compass BonJons for summer I thought I’d line up the valves at last.
    700c gt is a real dream to ride, shame there aren’t more around, would love the same frame in a nicer tube set. Toying with the idea of swapping the v’s out for cantis, purely so I can run my early strutted rear crud guard which won’t clear v’s....

    It pulls my bob trailer really smoothly as well.

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  • .

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  • Black post, bars and stem are on the to do list as well but no rush.

  • Damn that looks fantastic! Proper HHSfunctional beast.

  • Thanks, I’m well chuffed. It’s prob one of the most stark before/after builds I’ve done.
    Final piece of the puzzle would be to find a 47-305 16” gumwall tyre for the trailer. Have only seen terrible quality kids bike tyres so far.
    I keep thinking about full length mudguards but really it’s just too rad. Seeing as it’s bristling with m5 bolts I might throw all my racks at it one day just for funsies :)

    Only other to do is to try and cleanly bend the chainguard mount on the chainstay for a bolt on rear light.

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Hybrid Theory - GT Legacy 1x10 shopper/general pootler

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