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  • Moved to Sheffield. Been here a week, have barely been outside but already the list has a wren, a dipper, wagtails (pied and grey), and a kingfisher. Now if I could just find my camera in all these fucking boxes.

  • We have a resident charm of goldfinches in our garden of about 20-30 strong all the time (we share then with the neighbors gardens obviously...) and have had nyger seeds in a feeder for most of last year but absolutely no luck in charming then down to the feeder unfortunately.

  • Nice, 20-30 is a gang!

    @Eejit that's impressive, presume you're living by a bit of water?

  • I've invested in nyger seeds, mealworm, peanuts, sunflower hearts and a few new feeders. Also made a temporary but easily replaced hanging table out of a flimsy wooden veg box that I can get when at local indie supermarket.

    Using more of it to make another to mount on a post. Might try and give this a roof too.

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  • Fatball cam today, not great composition. I'm working though feeder cam now.

    Edit: the table ^ survived day 1.

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  • The jay is getting closer to the house

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  • do they go for the oranges?

  • round my way the dirty blackbird lads are chirpsing all the blackbird gals this week

  • Bit late, but there are Kestrels in the area, so it was probably one of them. They did breed a few years ago in that electrical building on top of the bridge to the velodrome. I had 3 juveniles on the east marsh late summer, but don't know where the recent nest is.

    It could've been a Sparrowhawk, they bred this summer in Wick Wood. But I've had more Kestrel sightings near the hockey centre.

  • They love peanuts. Put the oranges out after I'd squeezed them to see if anyone was interested. The collared doves have had a peck of 'em.

  • Some blue tits were checking out our nest box today. Hope they liked what they saw.

  • Rook just hangin' out

  • I had a wet walk up Aylesbury vale as the light faded. Met a raven, some herons, a barn owl, some yellowhammers, redwings, wigeon and these chaps on the fence - pipits?

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  • On my run earlier and a bird flies along the path in front of me with a dead something in its claws. I was a bit tired so was like "oh look that bird has caught some prey that's cool I wonder what it could b- sparrowhawk!".
    Got a close up but incredibly brief view a bit further down the path when I disturbed it again and it shot out of the hedge next to me then straight up and pirouetted off through the branches. So fast and agile.

  • I nearly tripped over a Heron on my run tonight. It's known locally for hanging out on the riverbank completely un-phased by passers by.

  • Old friend the kingfisher again on the morning nap walk.

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  • Trying a short timelapse on local pond

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  • Hope this file shows.

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  • Hope this file shows.

    It does when downloaded ...

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  • Ah cool. I quite like the effect I got.

    Found a possible woodpecker cam spot for later in Spring

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  • Yep, pipits, more specifically meadow pipits!

  • Many thanks! From where I was standing (in flood water) they were just little brown jobs. My camera got a closer view and then my Collins bird guide got me as far as suspecting pipitry.

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The Bird Thread

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