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  • I use a Zoom H4, which is quite old and has some amp noise but it was v cheap. I wish I could be bothered to carry it with me more of the time. I was on a Bronze Age hill fort the other night taking photos of the stars and things, and I was paid a visit by a very mournful bird which flew round me a few times. May have been a lapwing or a curlew, but the rubbish recording on my phone doesn’t do it justice.

  • Ahh that's good to know. Do you ever use an external mic or the ones on the machine?

    I've been doing a bit of recording and most, well all, of it is pretty crap, but I'm learning . I'm surprised at how much I've enjoyed it. It all stems from the infrequent bit of bird watching,there's nothing much I like more than being surrounded by birdsong/nature sounds in a quiet place (i.e. no traffic) and wanted to try and replicate that for when I'm stuck next to our bastard road all day!

  • No, I have only ever used the built in mics. I’ve not got seriously into field recordings, mainly just a bit prompted by my son’s study of musique concrète.

  • Cool! When I have something decent to upload and share I will.
    I'll carry on trying to get bad pictures of ghost owls too.

  • Oh, and I have just realised that this peregrine last week was a hobby.

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  • I think this was a Sparrowhawk. Crappy zoom pic

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  • "Parklife!"

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  • 'Another 50 shits, boys, and his telly goes off'.

  • At least they're playing at home and not ski jumping off my Velux windows.

  • The wagtails (or anyone else for that matter) have shown no interest in the feeders so I was delighted to see this guy taking shelter when I looked out my window earlier, he was back again just now.

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  • There's a Sparrowhawk at the allotment where I have a plot. I think it had caught a Sparrow but been disturbed as there was a big pile of feathers plus plucked dead small bird. I brought these feathers home. The smalls are 1.5cm bigger ones 5cm. When I passed the spot later the plucked bird had gone. It was a bit grim but guess its good the hawk (or a passing rat) got it's meal in the end. Circle of life n'all that.

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  • had a sparrowhawk sit on my fence today, where she (for it was a she) methodically ate a pigeon. lots of feathers about and a few entrails after. i wonder what happened to the beak. when i tried to sneak up for a picture, she flew away so i left her to it.

  • Another crappy set of pictures, 10x zoom of a Gannet Feeding at Cwm Silo today.

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  • Saw 10 or more swifts this morning. Maybe the last of the year. Loads of ( well, 5) spotted flycatchers yesterday in the same place, lots of chiffchaffs and a few willow warblers. The autumn migration is well underway. The next few weeks are probably my favourite time of year for birds.

  • These things are awesome.

    Like flying spear guns. 😎

  • Anyone lost a racing Pigeon?

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  • Yes, someone has!

    Try a racing pigeon forum to see if ID is possible from the ring number, there must be a forum...

  • We had one on our doorstep a few years ago and some googling of the number located the owner who came and collected from a few doors down. He knew it by sight!

  • Pigeon racing, huh?
    Wasn't aware this is a thing!

    Wikipedia says

    South Africa is the home of the richest one-loft race in the world, the Million Dollar Pigeon Race. The Million Dollar Pigeon Race pits 4,300 birds from 25 countries against each other for a share of $1.3m in prize money


  • Pigeon racing as sung about here

  • at school in the UK (at least in the 90s) we were made to watch a drama series educating us about pigeon racing and its place in UK culture

  • That's a blast from the past, I'd nearly forgotten Geordie Racer!­Jqc

  • Got the theme tune in my head now

  • If it is still there tomorrow I have to throw towels at it or something.

  • Went out to the river again this morning. Lots of geese and ducks, three ravens, an egret, swallows and a lucky glimpse of a wobbler in the reeds.

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The Bird Thread

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