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  • Couldn't get much sleep last night, so popped to the local marshes at 5am to catch sunrise. Not the best photos as tired, but Godwits for miles!

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  • Also a Heron, an Avocet, an Skylark and some Geese.

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  • Making use of the morning light. Egret Heaven today!

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  • Other spots include this Chiff Chaff (I think?), a load of reed warblers, and what I think is a Linnet?

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  • A live stream of an osprey nest with chicks in Scotland

    Thanks to @aggi for posting this--it's been lovely to follow a bit.

    This is apparently an attack by a owl:

    Looks mainly like crap flying to me, but a owls obviously have excellent night vision and I'm sure the experts are right. I still find it very surprising that a owl might take on a osprey.

    Anyway, there's a lovely 'WTF?' face just after the crash.

    The little ones, not at all little any more, appear to have fledged now.

  • There’s a ton of little egrets in Wanstead Park at the moment. With no respect for nominative determinism they have taken over Heronry Pond. Counted about 20 the other evening.

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  • I call this series, "Saturday night down town"

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  • I have recently been welcoming a lesser spotted woodpecker to my feeder.

    Never seen one before so that's been nice.

  • Wow, they are really rare now, and even rarer on feeders.
    There was a nest site near me last year, the only one found in Berkshire. No sign of them this year, very sad to see such a decline.

  • I'd no idea they were so rare perhaps explains the visits.

    Regardless, a very welcome visitor. Will try to photo next time..

    Also had a hedgehog a couple of nights. It's been a real treat.

  • My sister's garden and husband.

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  • Had an unexpected visitor in the garden today. First time I've ever seen a Sparrowhawk that I recall...

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  • Beaut. Those pics are amazing (as are many in this thread)

  • Love it, I had one a few months ago but my camera was not to hand

  • Yeah I was lucky. Had my camera to hand from photoing the moon from the loft. Then this morning when I went to get it, saw the sparrowhawk!

    @adroit thanks :-)

  • Found a little swallow fledgeling!

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  • Spot the Kestrel

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  • Ooh! I had one pop by a while ago and had a camera to hand:

  • Amazing, a coughing sparrowhawk.

    Is/was the starling what looks like the lifeless prey?

  • Red Kites I think

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  • Tails look to flat, my guess is buzzards.

  • You're right, my bad!

  • Do pigeons sit on their eggs the whole time? We have nest and egg but recently no pigeon it seems.

    Could it just be off being a cunt somewhere?

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The Bird Thread

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