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  • lovely photos!
    i'm hoping we get some in our garden again this year.

    just caught a blackcap on the feeder but only managed to get a crappy photo as my camera was in the wrong mode :(

  • Few garden visitors from the last couple of weeks. Not the best photos by a long stretch but you get some nice detail.

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  • Woodpecker back in the garden. Bugger flew off before I could get even a single shot. So I took some pictures of the sparrows instead.

    Sparrows get overlooked a lot, I guess because they are common and have drab colouring, but I love these little guys. There are almost always a handful of them in the garden, and their sociability lends them a personality that you don’t get with many other birds: they squabble; they chat; they muck about. They’re noisy little bastards, and I feel very much like they are “my” sparrows, for no rational reason.

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  • Seems like a big influx of chiffchaff locally the last two days

  • Female sparrow? Beak is wrong shape for dunnock, I think. And too brown overall.

  • Definitely Sparrows pictured there. Dunnock are more "Robin" in shape and flit around closer ground level mostly. There's a nesting pair in the garden here and they're great to see. Similarly I rarely bother to photo Sparrow or Dunnock.

  • Yeh a Dunnock's cheeks and bib would be the same shade of grey as that sparrows crown and much more delicate beak

  • Inspired to try get the Dunnocks / Sparrows no joy on either yet, a few others. Wren is rarely snapped here too so happy with that effort.

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  • Have a wren that is a frequent back garden visitor, but tough to photograph as it is not one for staying still. Looks like you’ve caught yours quite nicely.

  • Love my mob of sparrows. Group of around 10 which take turns on the feeder and pop in and out of the pond for a dip.

  • same, we love our sparrow crew.
    they love a good battle around the feeders. I've managed to get a few good in flight shots of them.
    especially cool when you see the parents feeding the recent fledglings.

  • Hoped to get both Sparrow & Dunnock whilst wfh with camera next to me today. No Dunnocks, hoping they're ok as neighbours cat was about... a few non-Sparrow too.

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  • What's the one at the bottom? We've had a few very similar looking visitors over the last week here that we've been puzzling over

  • They are maybe the handsomest of garden birds

  • WHAT! Nuthatch all day long for me.

  • Too pointy (also don't exist in our garden)

  • Driving back from Bedford to St Neots just now. Pretty sure an Osprey flew over (surely even I couldn’t confuse it with anything else?). Magnificent thing. Didn’t know they were round here. No pics, obviously (driving).

  • I saw one a few years ago, sat on a fence post next to the railway line just south of Cambridge. They are migratory, spending the winter in Africa then returning to the UK in spring. There are quite a few breeding pairs who reside on Rutland Water, so it's no surprise to see one in Bedfordshire.

  • Cool. I’ve seen them through binoculars in Wales, just not with the naked eye. Starkly dark and white with the eye stripe and huge, long primary feathers and a big wingspan vs body - couldn’t be anything else.

  • Dunnock (repost of Sparrows too for comparison)

    Edit: Bonus Robin pics

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  • Mandarin Ducks have moved in nearby

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  • Finally copied photo's over from dslr, here's a Wood Pigeon pic I got & quite like.

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  • Saw an Alpine Swift in Springfield park yesterday.

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The Bird Thread

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