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  • ^ woodpecker there at the mo.

  • Today’s dawn walk provided a few sights. Out of focus motion-blurred owls are coming back into fashion, I hear.

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  • Love the geese, especially the one of them doing synchronised landing.

  • Spotted a nuthatch across the road in the nature reserve/wood. brightened my day, not seen one in the hood before.

  • They could do with a bit of extra nosh at the mo' folks, if you get the chance.

  • Had a good walk, today's highlights

  • Brilliant shots, those colours are ace. Love a goosander! (And teals are cool too of course). Whereabouts were these?

  • Teal were randomly in a flooded field on edge of town, other two were in Derby suburban parks :)

  • @Ludd The barn owls are prime album sleeve contenders, great photos.

  • Cheers - there are more!

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  • Slowdive circa 1991 I would say.

  • Just seen a Bullfinch, love a Bullfinch

  • Think it's been said before about Starling mimicry but this is Cray Cray. R2?­/1484619247338803205?t=bWm2mQao33mBeCc3U­x9XDQ&s=19

  • There's a great starling murmuration happening in town at the moment. Gonna nip out at dusk and see if can get some shots tonight

  • Amazing stuff. I was chatting to my kid the other morning about the starling on Wanstead Flats (possibly mentioned on here so apologies if I’m repeating myself) that does an excellent car alarm and mobile phone. Kid gave this idea a very dubious reception; have just shown her this video and she’s now super into starlings.

  • Love it. That knowledge transfer to a new generation.


  • Took a trip across town to a couple of fields that have been left to go to seed for the winter, was rewarded with a mixed flock of several hundred finches, Greenfinch, Goldfinch and Linnet, someone said they had a couple of Brambling in there as well but couldn't see them but was also Yellowhammer, Dunnock and Reed Bunting in the hedge around the field. The area is prone to flooding and proper mixed arable and scrub and always turns up interesting birds that aren't found in other parts of the city. Got talking to a passer by who said it has been bought by developers and all ear marked to get built on, feels pretty crap.

  • Pal took a photo of peregrine checking out my RC plane over hackney marshes the other week. Plane has a 1.5m wingspan so I think they're almost 'eye to eye' here.

    Makes a change from getting mobbed by gulls.

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  • We used to have a starling we could never release, had a fused wing. It was called scarecrow.

    We taught it to speak. Spoke Spanish and English. Lived for 13 years with us.

  • been a good bird week, to add to the nuthatch i have just seen the peregrine back circling the crystal palace transmitter (not seen it for a while) and last night i heard a owl when walking back from the station.

    Terry Nutkins would be pleased.

  • before you ask, yes it is ‘a owl’.­g

  • Just saw a kestrel in Beckenham Place Park

  • This kite came to investigate my drone

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  • Beautiful kite!

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The Bird Thread

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