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  • Love the pic of the magpie and the raptor, the look on his face reminds me of a human sneer :)

  • It was definitely swearing at this point

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  • Yep, raptor saying....... Oh shit!

  • Yeh so much song today, hedgerows were rowdy although nothing out of the ordinary, this was today's obliging subject

  • Wow! That’s a brilliant portrait.

  • Beautiful photos everyone, thank you for posting.

  • Lots of great pictures. Love the kingfisher.

    Here's a Varied Thrush in our neighbour's garden this morning:

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  • Interested in this - the video is strange ...

  • Cold weather has brought a field full of visitors

  • A owl today

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  • You do well for owl's, I never see them

  • Slopes off to Google Varied Thrush :)

  • Sparrowhawk in the back garden, another first for me this week

  • U need a camera taped to the sink.

    I don't think anyone can take enough pictures of Horus

  • A moody heron.

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  • Love the mood but the picture is really confusing me, how big are those posts? makes the Heron look small

  • Any of you any good with your gull ID? These were all in amongst large groups of Black headed gulls

    Had a good day otherwise for ducks, Shoveler, Gadwall, Teal, Goldeneye, Shelduck which were all nice to see

  • They’re all common gulls. Not common, the gulls of commons.
    First and last photos are first winter birds.
    Middle two are adults in winter plumage.

  • Thanks I thought a couple were common gull but wasn't sure if there was a Mediterranean gull amongst them

    Not common, the gulls of commons.

    I had not made this connection, I did just think they were common

    While you are being helpful, is this just a common buzzard (its a horrible crop, bird was well over 100m away), just how white the tail is and chest that made me question it

  • Definitely a buzzard, that chest band is the clincher.
    We’ve had a very pale buzzard here for a while, they are very variable.

  • Thanks, would rep

  • The posts are basically tree trunks, bashed into the mud along the edge of the river, for some logging-related thing probably.

    I think maybe they're the dots with shadows, in between the land and the floating logs, in the satellite view here:

  • I, too, wish we still had rep, if only for this thread.

  • Lovely Heron.

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The Bird Thread

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