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  • Niuce Spoonbill - won't be long before they're breeding quite widely I reckon - like Little Egrets progress.

  • Last set of pics from Northumberland. First up an Oystercatcher, saw loads of these

    I think this is a juvenile Common Tern (because of the black bill) but not sure

    Mergansers on a grey day

    Juvenile Guillemots?

    And a very fluffy kestrel, I suspect this is also a juvenile. It was sitting happily on this twig just outside the main Lindisfarne village, getting mobbed by house martins and photographed by tourists.

    Thanks for looking!

  • I was riding up Norbury Hill last week, which has Norbury Grove open land/playing fields on its north-west side, at about midday, and glanced up to see a buzzard slowly circling above the fields. That was a first for me.

  • I'm in Northumberland at the moment and was at Holy Island earlier, sadly not getting any bird photos as family have other ideas but it is so cool how much wildlife there is. Seen more oystercatchers today than I see in a year at home and the coastline is like a seabird highway, just constant groups heading up and down.

  • We were lucky enough to have a cottage right on the sea front at Amble, some of those pics were basically out of the patio windows. Saw seals up at the Farne Islands and really early on the last morning, my wife spotted a pod of dolphins swimming past the house which was as awesome as you would imagine.

  • We were lucky enough to have a cottage littorally right on the sea front at Amble, some of those pics were littorally out of the patio windows.


  • haha ;) I stealth edited because I wrote too many "literallys"

  • some of those pics were bayseacally out of the patio windows


  • Bird photographer of the year 2021. Some pretty good photos:

  • In Devon and Somerset last week, enjoyed lots and lots of acrobatic swallows, gangs of chaffinches and several birds of prey including possibly a young buzzard landing a couple metres above us in a tree.

    At Weston surprised to not see more birds (or more variety) on the beach / tidal zone, just a few gulls, rooks and crows, and starlings under the piers.

  • Some good photo's, bit depressing when the kids section are producing such good shots

    Shame they don't include links to peoples insta's or online portfolio's

  • Yeah the nuthatch was brilliant

  • Enjoyed watching this Heron fish earlier

  • I was excited to hear about an osprey being spotted near here, so I watched the sky carefully on my way back from the post office and was rewarded with a hobby, which kindly circled long enough for me to go indoors and get my camera.

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  • Fantastic. Would love to see a hobby.

  • Saw this lovely owl a couple of nights ago… was just sat in the road chilling out for a bit. We were able to sit and watch for a few minutes before I gently encouraged it to take off as I could see other headlights approaching in the distance.

    Any thoughts on species? I recon barn but I’m terrible at bird ids.

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  • Looks like a young Barn owl.

  • Some birds from round about.

    Western tanager
    Sooty grouse, up in the mountains
    Hairy woodpecker
    Eastern kingbird
    Scruffy-looking Cedar waxwing (they're usually so slick-looking)

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  • Great pics. I love Northumberland and Amble but we’ve never done the trip to the Farne islands because we always take our dogs up there.

    I might have to do a trip next year when the puffins are nesting.

  • Well, pop over here some time soon, they’re here!

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  • And others from this morning - grey heron, ?corn buntings and a grey wagtail. Also heard a Cetti’s warbler.

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  • We took the dogs on the trip that doesn't land, just motors round the islands, gets very close. Dogs went to sleep after 10 mins or so when they worked out there was nothing to do on the boat

  • Sat by the side of the river Lea waiting for my car to be fixed and three kingfishers fly round the bend of the stream, see me, and turn round and fly back (I was sat near some good perching points). Never seen three together before, was lovely.

  • Been hearing Tawny owls in the trees behind my garden.
    Was considering putting a nest box in a large pine tree in my garden - has anyone tried this?

    Any advice and if this is a good idea?


    Maybe drop these folks a line ?

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The Bird Thread

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